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2022 Weekend Getaway

Sept 30 – Oct 2, 2022

Reserve your spot now for relaxation and renewal.

Experiences to Lift You Up

Rise Gatherings is built on the power of connection – to ourselves and to each other. We fuel and inspire women with accessible resources, retreats, and an on-line community like no other. 

Rise U is our seasonal online program to enhance your overall well-being through personal growth workshops, motivating classes and opportunities to receive support from an empowered community of women. 

Your time is now. Let’s Rise.

2022 Weekend Getaway tickets are on sale!!

Rise Gatherings annual Weekend Getaway is your destination to you. Transform, become and remember who you are with workshops led by 20+ experts, mountain serenity, and playful fun. Join us in 2022!

"Rise Gatherings has changed my life in many ways. I am so happy to have found a group of inspiring, non-judgmental, supportive women. I would encourage every woman to be a part of it!"

Bringing Rise to You

Rise Gatherings online workshops are powerful resources for navigating stress, furthering growth, and cultivating connection with a focus on personal development and organizational wellness.

Rachel & Tami, co-creators of Rise Gatherings, create curated online events for staff meetings, non-profit events, networking groups and more.

Bring one of these workshops to your group:

  • Raise Your Resilience: Avoiding Burnout and Navigating Stress
  • 3 C’s of Connection: Curiosity, Compassion, Courage
  • Forest Bathing: The Healing Benefits of Nature

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