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Meet The Rise Team

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vncp_speakers_box deprecated_notice=”” columns=”2″ photo_size=”md”][vncp_speaker_bio deprecated_notice=”” photo_shape=”round” photo_size=”lg” name=”RACHEL RUBIN” position=”Co-Creator” photo=”5415″ email=”” el_class=”rachel”]Rise Gatherings co-founder Rachel Rubin helps women of all ages discover their internal and external strength. Rachel’s vision of supporting women began with a melding of her own physical and spiritual practice, and her belief that by developing the mind/body connection, every woman can recognize her true potential and transform her life.

Rachel is an influencer in the fitness world with her platform Fitness With Rachel and her own developed unique method, Kettlebell Kundalini, that powerfully moves energy in the body and strengthens the body, mind and spirit. She speaks and leads mindfulness and fitness sessions at wellness events, seminars and national conferences, and leads staff wellness and positive community culture events for high schools.

Through Rise Gatherings, Rachel aspires to create experiences for women which facilitate personal growth and connection within a supportive, inspired community. She aims for Rise to be the bridge that unites women as leaders and seekers to build a network that can resource and encourage one another.[/vncp_speaker_bio][vncp_speaker_bio deprecated_notice=”” photo_shape=”round” photo_size=”lg” name=”Tami Astorino M.Ed.” photo=”4769″ position=”Co-Creator” email=””]Rise Gatherings co-founder, Tami Astorino, M.Ed., has spent her career bringing people together over shared experiences to empower each other.

After studying feminism and psychology in college and graduate school, Tami brought her passion for building for health to her work as a school counselor and later to her work with national non-profits including Moving Traditions and InteraithFamily. At the core of Tami’s work is a belief in the power of listening to one’s own voice as well as the voices of others to create both individual and systemic change.

Through Rise Gatherings, Tami blends her 25 years of leading transformational workshops for girls and women with her own experiences as a woman, mother, yoga instructor, and community lay leader. She is dedicated to creating the retreats she’s always dreamed of for herself and women of all ages to access their fullest potential and rise together. [/vncp_speaker_bio][/vncp_speakers_box][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vncp_speakers_box deprecated_notice=”” columns=”3″ photo_size=”md”][vncp_speaker_bio deprecated_notice=”” photo_shape=”round” photo_size=”md” name=”Alexa Rosenthal” position=”Co-Founder” photo=”4569″ el_class=”alexa”]Alexa is a co-founder of Rise Gatherings. She was at the heart of planting the dream seed and nurturing the growth of this space for women. She laid an incredible digital and branding foundation for Rise. Alexa’s story includes a trip across the country interviewing millennials about what matters in life for the development of project Be Your Be Sure. Her success and work led to the creation of her digital agency, Moby Works, where she geniusly crafts brands and businesses to match missions. Currently, she is the Director of Marketing for the international Envision Festival. Alexa’s passion for freedom and truth-telling is an inspiration to all she touches. [/vncp_speaker_bio][vncp_speaker_bio deprecated_notice=”” photo_shape=”round” photo_size=”md” name=”Tink Fisher” photo=”5417″ position=”Head of Ambassador & Admin Support” el_class=”tink”]Tink is the Head of Ambassadors and super support to the creators. She helps hold it all together behind the scenes and keeps attendee logistics organized. Tink is driven to inspire other women to learn and honor their truth as a result of her own journey. Her experience fuels her advocation for what Rise Gatherings can do for your quality of life and personal growth.[/vncp_speaker_bio][vncp_speaker_bio deprecated_notice=”” photo_shape=”round” photo_size=”md” name=”Diana Hochman” photo=”5416″ position=”Director of Operations & Head of Social Impact” el_class=”diana”]Diana is the Director of Operations and Head of Social Impact. From day one, she was ambitious about contributing to the Rise movement. Diana executes all aspects of the events day of and nurtures Rise’s relationship with non-profit organization, Days for Girls.[/vncp_speaker_bio][/vncp_speakers_box][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vncp_speakers_box deprecated_notice=”” columns=”3″ photo_size=”md”][vncp_speaker_bio deprecated_notice=”” photo_shape=”round” photo_size=”md” name=”Amy Schrader” photo=”5499″ position=”Director of Sponsors” el_class=”amy”]Amy is the Director of Sponsorships and supports Rise by creating partnerships with organizations and brands that are aligned in mission. Amy enjoys contributing to the Rise sisterhood because she values these experiences to gift women a reboot from the inside out. [/vncp_speaker_bio][vncp_speaker_bio deprecated_notice=”” photo_shape=”round” photo_size=”md” name=”Diana Arand” photo=”5597″ position=”Marketing” el_class=”amy”]Diana has built her career designing, leading and executing marketing and brand initiatives. Her business background combined with her creativity and passion for art and design perfectly aligns her with Rise’s inspiring mission of uniting and empowering women. [/vncp_speaker_bio][/vncp_speakers_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]