Crystals 101

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Let me start by telling you that I am not a crystal expert.  I am a crystal enthusiast. I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner by trade and so I am into lots of things – acupuncture, cupping, herbs, meditation, and well now crystals.  My crystal collection started organically and has turned into quite the […]


From One New Mama to Another

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When my first child was just a few hours old, my then 7 year old niece was among the first visitors to arrive. When she entered my hospital room her dad leaned down and said “she’s been coughing today, I think she’s pretending to have a cold, but I warned her that whether she can hold […]

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Choose Joy Over Perfection

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What if this year, you gave up perfection and stepped into more joy? What would it look like to give yourself the gift of space and of time? What if instead of burdens and ‘shoulds’ you stepped into possibilities and ‘coulds’? For me this shift has been the most transformative realization in my life. I […]


Miraculous Cream Deodorant, Yup.

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Rachel here, co-creator of Rise. I’m jumping on the blog because I have to express my incredible passion for Little Seed Farm products. I am not a product person, I repeat, I do not go crazy purchasing the promises for my skin, hair and the rest. I am minimal in this department and tend to […]