Rise U Semester

Fall Semester Enrollment is Now Open!

Rise U is all about YOU!

Engaging * Accessible * Inspirational

Rise U is the
pause you need and the guidance you seek to care for yourself and create the life you desire

For 10 inspired weeks you’ll join a weekly workshop or a women’s circle, led by Rise Gatherings’ creators Rachel and Tami and the talented Rise Team.

Everything is recorded and available from the entire semester, so you can watch it if you miss it, or access it on your own time.

Fall Semester Schedule

Classes, workshops and circles are all at 10AM ET on Wednesdays and Saturdays





Self Love:
A Course in You

Raising Your Voice and Spirit &
Being Your Own Agent of Change

The Fall Semester of Rise U will support and inspire you. Each week we gather in community to learn and share experiences and tools with a talented team of facilitators. In order to lead, love and live fully we all need fill our cup – Rise U is here to do just that with you!

The 2021 Fall Semester includes:

6 Live Workshops

Access to workshop & community circle recordings

3 Live Community Circles

Private semester member group me reminders & chat

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We Asked: What have you received from the Rise U experience?

"The pause: that I have to stop in my life to connect, be intentional and be fully present - very different than my other daily activities."
"My heart has received others’ stories. "
"I love it! And each time I come to Rise U I feel open and like I can be honest with myself and with the group. "
"Every week the theme is so interesting to apply to myself and to connect with other women. "
"I am now more present in the moment in my life."
"So many facets to explore within ourselves! It blows my mind how multidimensional we are."
"Connection with strangers that I now know are friends."
"So grateful for the space on a regular basis - I feel stronger because I feel like with every week we build our strength. It’s built my strength to speak up - to be courageous and vulnerable. Feels warm and it feels like we are being seen. "
"Very safe place to share - I was grateful to be able to share and to hear other people share. Every time inspires me and gives me strength."

Why Rise U?

We know what’s good for our mind, body and spirit- connection, laughter, learning and uplifting experiences – but we don’t always know how to get there or make the time. Rise U is your self care classroom where you join other inspired women, try new things, take a deep breath, and remember who you are and who you want to be.