Our story

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This is Our Story


“Rise Gatherings is a community we are creating in partnership with so many–a fertile ground for women to come and explore, connect more deeply with themselves and each other, and in doing so, not only strengthen their own light, but shine it brighter in their homes, communities, and workplaces. The timing could not be more perfect.”

–Rachel & Tami

Rise Gatherings brings together women to build each other up. So it should be no surprise that the organization resulted from the unlikely friendship of three women in completely different places in their lives, who shared a vision of creating a safe and supportive space for women to learn and grow.

A Gen X-er, an older Millennial and a young Millennial–one happily married with teenage children, one newly divorced, newly out and the mom of a toddler, and one a free-spirited, single world traveler–each bringing a completely different set of skills to the table.

Alexa Rosenthal, 29, knew how to use technology to showcase their idea. Rachel Rubin, 32, knew how to build a following and had successfully helped women build healthier relationships with their bodies. Tami Astorino, 47, had spent decades creating transformational programming to empower women and girls to to access and use their internal compass and voice.

Each woman envisioned a gathering to meet the needs of women in their stage of life.  Together they created an experience for women of every life stage, from tween to grandparent.

Last spring they brought together 150 women in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. With the nurturance of more than 20 health, fitness, sexuality, nutrition and career experts, they created a safe and sacred space in which these women could explore all aspects of themselves and their womanhood together within the support of community.

That first retreat might be called visionary, as its conception took place half a year before the birth of the #MeToo movement, yet it addressed many of the same issues: silence, shame, insecurity, anxiety, power and competition. Before the women of Hollywood built their own unity, these women rose together to support each other to live and share their truth. They created a space to be brave and courageous, and they offered acceptance.

This year, the Rise team believes their weekend gathering can provide even more women on the East Coast that same sense of communal empowerment Hollywood’s power players are building together so publicly.

Building Rise Gatherings has been a leap of faith for us. We believe in the opportunities we are creating for women; but of course, they must show up . . . not for us, but for themselves. What’s been most exciting is witnessing women of all ages and life stages seeking experiences that will nurture and fuel them,” says the Rise team.