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Breathing for Justice

Dianne Bondy

Join Dianne Bondy, social justice activist, author, accessible yoga teacher, and the leader of the Yoga For All movement for a transformational yoga and racial equity workshop. This workshop includes meditation, journaling, lecture and discussion on true allyship for marginalized communities followed by a yoga practice for all.

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Building Resilience in the Time of Covid

Dr. Jennifer Simmons

Join Dr. Simmons as she shares what she knows as a cancer surgeon and functional medicine physician about immunity, Covid, and how to keep you and your family safe and resilient.

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Grab the Wheel for the Journey You Want

Kari Gearhart & Ashley Tappan

Join Kari & Ashley for a session focused on developing the right mindset for achieving your goals. It starts with taking inventory of your wellbeing and then using full-proof strategies for setting goals to achieve what’s most important for you!

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Purposeful Living

Khalia Deborah

Join Khalia Deborah for personal reflection, tapping into your purpose and intentional goal setting with a focus on your self, finances and dreams. Explore looking within for clarity and get closer to understanding what your purpose is! Emerge with an action plan to get a few steps (or more!) closer to living a purpose filled life with dreams becoming a reality!

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Hypnosis and Healing the Inner Child

Janet Philbin

Hypnosis is transformational. In this workshop, Janet Philbin, Hypnotherapist, Social Worker & Conscious Parenting Coach, will guide you to to identify old patterns and belief systems that are outdated but do not know they are no longer needed. Learn why hypnosis is effective and looking at the past through a safe lens helps achieve a new level of healing.

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Courageous Creativity

Bronwen Mayer Henry

Join artist and author Bronwen Mayer Henry for an interactive exploration of creativity as a healing and joyful practice. If the chaos of these times has you looking for a creative outlet or thrown your creative practice off course, this workshop will help you turn or return to creativity as an act of healing and source of peace and energy. Bronwen will lead this workshop with insights from her new book, conversation, journaling prompts, and meditation.

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Parenting During Challenging Times

Hillary Waller

Maternal health care provider, and mom, Hillary Waller, LPC, shares lessons learned from parenting in a pandemic. How can parents reframe our darkest and most challenging moments to understand them as opportunities to help our children, and ourselves, flourish.

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Strengthen Your Intuition

Dannah Chaifetz

Intuition is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Dannah Chaifetz will will give you helpful Information, tips and exercises to strengthen your own intuitive abilities. During the workshop you will have the opportunity to practice activities that you can continue at home. If you’d like to learn how to connect to your intuition more deeply and develop skills to expand it, this is a great place to start!

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Forest Bathing Meditation

Julia Plevin

Journey into the forest with Julia Plevin, Founder of The Forest Bathing Club. Invite the Earth to support you as you remove any blockages that may be holding you back, get into alignment with Nature, and get clear on what you’re here on the planet at this time to do. Invoke the power of the four directions: the elements, the seasons, and your ancestry as you step into your own power in a profound and grounded way.

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From Grounding to Grieving

Krista Nelson

Krista Nelson guides on using the earth element to ground personal and collective grief as they move through the healing process. In guided meditation we remember how to let earth and ancestry witness our experience of loss. Review practical grounding techniques such as earthing and communing with trees.

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How to Heal Your Gut

Lauren Houser

Our gut is colonized with trillions of bacteria that are essential in keeping us safe and feeling well. Lauren Houser CRNP, will explore our body’s digestive system and how its balance is linked to energy levels, hormone balance, systemic inflammation and even mood. We will discuss the importance of the microbiome, integrative and functional testing, 5R approach to healing your gut and practical nutrition and lifestyle tips to optimize your gut health.

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Paint Your Wildest Dreams

Kori Burkholder

Take a creativity break and breath new life into your dreams while learning how to paint a beautiful succulent garden with Kori Burkholder, Career Transition Coach for Creative Minds.

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Turn Up Your Turn On

Margot Schulman

Discover simple practices to infuse more passion into every area of your life (including the bedroom!) Margot Schulman will guide participants will learn how to experience more pleasure and turn on throughout their everyday lives as well as during intimate experiences by gently strengthening their connection with their own bodies.

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Hurray House Method

Kimmay Caldwell

Enjoy some “inner cleaning” of your heart, body, and life. Kimmay Caldwell will guide you through an introduction to her popular Hurray House Method so you can stand confidently on solid ground, and take stock in where your life needs some cleaning or redecorating. This deep dive into your desires includes a guided visualization, light body movement, and joyful dancing all so you can say hurray inside, outside, and underneath.

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Spiritually Curious: The Tools

Ilia Stranko

Wondering what the heck a pendulum is and why everyone is smudging? We’ve got you covered. Learn from Ilia Stranko why these seemingly simple items are the two most important pieces of your spiritual tool kit.

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Scream Your Dream

Cheldin Barlett Rumer

Cheldin Barlett Rumer shares specific confidence building tactics and realistic communication methods that you can use on a daily basis. Share your unique message with the world – in a useful and productive way. Whether it be for your profession, your passion or your personal relationships, these techniques can be implemented immediately into day to day conversations and messages with the world.

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Clean House

Tink Fisher

Discover the magic of decluttering and simplifying your home for a healthier, happier, you! Learn do-able steps from Tink Fisher, Professional Organizer, to create the tranquil and inviting space that supports your visions and your lifestyle.

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Transformational Breath

Aubrey Howard

Breath provides an incredible opportunity to connect each person more deeply with themselves, each other and the collective vision of peace. This practice facilitates growth & transformation rooted in meaning and purpose. Aubrey Howard connects music and breath, to work with you on the vibrational, energetic level to integrate negative beliefs and transform them into feelings of self love, joy, and acceptance.

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Simple Ways to Soothe Anxiety

Sarah Seely

Many of us are feeling increased anxiety and stress at this time. This is a natural, biological response to danger – but it is exhausting and can adversely effect our quality of life if left unchecked. Sarah Seely will share her favorite somatic tools for soothing anxiety, healing stressed out nervous systems,  and maintaining a steady sense of peace during difficult times.

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Michelle St. Angelo

VENT is a workout for your soul which combines guided freestyle dance and quiet creative action. Michelle and improv dance instructor David Mayorga will lead you in a fun, carefree experience curated to amazing music that will stimulate your emotional expression and get you out of your head and into your body!

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Self Healing for Racial Trauma

Kanjana Hartshorne & Angelique Porter

An invitation to take time to look inward and lean in to our feelings and to come together in community. Kanjana Hartshorne and Angelique Porter gentle yoga, guided meditation, and break out groups for black participants and white/nonblack people of color. You will self select the most appropriate group for yourself.

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How to Uncover Your Confidence

Kimmay Caldwell

Join Kimmay Caldwell, Self Love Coach and Undergarment Educator for a dynamic workshop on the 9 facets that make up true confidence and how to uncover your version of your most confident self!

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Flow With Breath

Aubrey Howard

Join Aubrey Howard for a 30-minute evening breath practice as we step into the present moment, flowing from one breath to the next. We will invite flow into our lives as we breathe through shifting realities of ourselves and the world.

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Reflect & Connect

Rachel Rubin & Tami Astorino

Kick off the 2020 virtual retreat weekend with Rise Gatherings co-founders Rachel and Tami as they guide you through activities that help you feel grounded, inspired and more connected to yourself and other women.

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