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"The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself."


This Month Will Light You Up!

This month’s live and on-demand online gatherings

Your time to pause, check-in, reflect and connect with yourself and other women in a supportive community facilitated by Rachel & Tami.

Register for this month’s featured workshops:

  • Master the Mind, Heal the Body

Sun, November 8: 10:00-11:00 AM ET – Register now

Join Stacey Friedman, Holographic Memory Resolution Practitioner, for a unique experience to empower your healer within! Learn about a simple and powerful technique, Holographic Memory Resolution®, that can help reduce anxiety, release energetic blocks, relieve emotional heaviness, improve migraines, and even unlock the root of unexplainable physical pain. Stacy will lead a gentle guided visualization resulting in feelings of lightness and relaxation and the discovery of your unique “safe place” and personal “healing colors,” powerful inner resources that can boost physical, emotional and spiritual health. Stacy will share what your colors represent and how to do HMR® on yourself or your loved ones!

  • Self-Worth Workshop: I Am #MoreThanMyNumbers

Mon, November 16: 8:00-9:00PM ET Register now – Open to all!

This powerful workshop with Kimmay Caldwell was born from the international campaign, #MoreThanMyNumbers, and helps attendees use numbers (like age, weight, bra size, GPA, salary, ETC) as information, not a definition of their value and self-worth. Using a presentation, guiding questions, and a visualization and compassionate self-forgiveness practice, attendees often leave with self-empathy and understanding, as well as empowering steps to continue to grow their self-love and confidence!

  • Befriending Your Creative Muse & Overcoming Perfectionism

Sat, November 21: 11:00AM-12:00PM ET Register now – Open to all!

Join the Harvest Happy family of artists to meet and befriend your inner creative muse as a way of overcoming perfectionism. In this workshop, we will explore the characteristics of perfectionism that often stand in the way of us starting, continuing and finishing our creative endeavors. Learn new ways of silencing that inner critic and the power of “So what, I’ll do it anyway!” You’ll learn a meditative art form that anyone can do with minimal tools and leave feeling accomplished, grounded, and serene.

  • Full Body Self Care & Massage ~ Re-Connecting Body, Mind & Spirit

Mon, November 30: 4:00-5:00PM ET Register now

In this relaxing one hour flow, Julie Wu of RAD Roller will guide you to alleviate tension from head to toe, systematically releasing & rolling out every major muscle group in your body. Come with a curious mind, create postural awareness and learn different techniques to enhance mobility, range of motion and specifically target chronically tight and tension holding areas. Leave feeling open, taller, mobile, and grounded for the rest of your week.

Enjoy your new movement and mind-body classes!

  • Tech Neck Relief
    33 minutes – Watch now
    Join Julie Wu of RAD Roller to learn about how your neck, shoulder and spine misalign from using tech devices. Release and relieve your posture with this relaxing stretching session.
  • intensati – I Decide – Chakra 3
    80 minutes – Watch now

    Join this energizing class with Patricia Moreno to build your confidence and increase your motivation. Affirmations and movement to get your passion and purpose flowing in your third chakra.

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