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Relaxing Classes

Curran Latchford teaching Qigong.
Qigong - Balance Through Strength
31 minutes
Qigong with Curran Latchford.
Qigong - Move with Grace
25 minutes
Mindfulness Meditation with Jacquie O'Malley.
Mindfulness Meditation
31 minutes
Stop & Stretch with RAD
20 minutes
Treating Tech Neck
33 minutes
Julia Plevin guides us through virtual forest bathing.
Guided Meditation Journey
40 minutes
Gilda Smith teaching chair yoga.
Chair Yoga
60 minutes
Rachel Rubin demonstrates seated figure four.
Gentle Yoga
23 minutes
Rachel Rubin teaches Yoga Flow.
Yoga Flow
39 minutes
Sarah Seely shows demonstrates self-massage techniques.
Soothing Self-Massage
40 minutes

Energizing Classes

intensati - I Belong
60 minutes
intensati - I Found My MOJO
60 minutes
intensati - I Decide
80 minutes
intensati - I Decide
80 minutes
Buti Yoga
41 minutes
Kettlebell Kundalini with Rachel Rubin.
Kettlebell Kundalini
43 minutes
Marie Jasmin leading a total body workout.
Shine Through Strength & Sweat
43 minutes

Plant Powered Classes

Glowing Skin
18 minutes
Harmonize Your Health.
Quick & Easy Wellness Strategies
40 minutes
Jen Wiese of Bee Free Gluten Free teaching how to make oat milk.
How to Make Oat Milk
4 minutes
Non-Toxic Living
22 minutes
Harmonize Your Health thriving through the holidays.
Thriving Through the Holidays
23 minutes

Intro Into Classes

Information about forest bathing.
An Introduction to Forest Bathing
11 minutes
What is Mindfulness Meditation?
23 minutes
Breathwork 101
10 minutes