Workshops & Classes

We bring together the most talented facilitators and practitioners to give you empowering experiences throughout your Weekend Getaway! Our array of activities are aimed to support you in taking care of all aspects of yourself as a woman. 

Continue to check back as more facilitators are added to the lineup throughout the year.

Types of Activities

We have 3 types of activities for you to enjoy over the course of the weekend:


Classes are unlimited, with a variety of options, like movement and meditation, with plenty of scheduled opportunities.


Pre-register for 4 workshops, each 1.5 -2 hour immersive and intimate experiences to support your overall health and well-being.


Pre-register for individual treatment sessions with one of our gifted practitioners for an additional fee.


Your Weekend Co-Creators

Jennifer Aks-Neuman


Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer Aks-Neuman graduated from NYU with a dance major and education minor. Through her experiences, Jen discovered her mission to help find creative ways to uplift and empower all Womxn. Jen works with Womxn to help them tell their stories, believing that if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, the movement that comes forward will communicate our story and will have the power to transform. 

Sometimes words are not enough. Through an embodied experience, dance herStory will empower a form of connection and expression with individual and communal gesture. Sharing and embodying each other’s gestures allows for powerful expression and empathy towards others and oneself. Gain perspective, experience transformation, and connect with lightness, creativity and joy! The workshop will be recorded as an artistic video story so you can reflect on the experience forever.

Please join us for an experience with Womxn that begins with self-love. It’s important that we love every part of ourselves, even the parts that feel messy. During our time together we are going to explore self-love through expression, creativity, movement, and connection.

During the workshop you will: 

  • Explore your personal love story through journaling and movement 
  • Gain awareness of limiting beliefs or fears that may be blocking true self-love
  • Tap into your creativity 
  • Have an opportunity to be truly seen and heard
  • Unlock joy and laughter
  • Be in community with amazing Womxn AND celebrate being your own Be-Lov-Ed!

McKenna Anderson


Los Angeles, CA

Mckenna received her Undergraduate Degree in Kinesiology from Temple University. She then went on to receive her Masters in Physical Therapy from Cal State Long Beach. She continues to pursue her education and has been taking classes through John Barnes School of Myofascial Release for the last 8 years. McKenna is a licensed physical therapist who has owned her private practice, Aligning Touch PT & MFR, for the last 6 years. She aligns the body through myofascial release, energy healing and physical therapy techniques.

The main function of the fascia is to absorb shock, separate organs/tissues and transport fluid and nutrients through out the whole body. It also provides structure to our entire body. When in the normal, healthy state, fascia has the ability to stretch and move without restriction. Fascia can easily get damaged by physical (fall, car accident) or emotional trauma on the body. Over time it can lose hydration, stiffen up and cause immobility. Myofascial release entails firm pressure to the fascia system through manual pressure with a prolonged stretch. Join McKenna for myofascial release and subtle energy work to help align the body back into a pain free lifestyle.

Tami Astorino, M.Ed


Ambler, PA

Rise Co-Founder Tami loves to connect people to themselves, each other, and nature. Her 25 year career facilitating meaningful, brave and transformative experiences has led her to Rise where she shares her gifts and creates opportunities for others to do the same. 

Join Tami for this beautiful opportunity to reduce stress, improve feelings of happiness, free up creativity, and optimize overall well-being in the forest. Reconnect and restore balance to your daily life as you discover the fundamentals of forest bathing, experience a sensory awakening, and answer invitations to connect with the natural world that surrounds you.

Gila Axelrod


Ambler, PA

Gila Axelrod is a writer, educator, and speaker who guides people to accept themselves exactly as they are. Her social media platform has been embraced as a force for connection and a call to action. Gila’s experiences as an activist, queer woman, and mental health educator have shaped her bold, clear voice for radical self acceptance.

In this honest, non-judgmental space, we will explore our experiences with beauty standards and body image, while learning how to free ourselves from the grips of diet culture. Through conversation, music, and writing, women of all ages are encouraged to attend and find that the freedom and peace we hope to attain when we look a certain way was actually within us all along.

Donna Bostock


Huntington Valley, PA

Donna Bostock is a music educator in percussion, bass and ukulele. Donna’s passion for traditional world music genres is infused in the music/rhythms she plays and she is committed to inspiring and empowering adults and children in finding their personal connection to music. Donna has a unique way of bridging the relationship between healing and sound through music.

Awaken the rhythm in your soul through this group percussion experience. Learn traditional world music genres and be guided to share your spirit through sound. The power of the drum facilitates profound connection within yourself and celebrates the harmony when we come together. No experience necessary. Drums and other instruments are provided.

Awaken the rhythm in your soul through this group percussion experience. Instruments provided.

Kori Burkholder

Career and Creativity Coach 

New York, NY
An artist and Founder of Inspirality Ventures, career and creative coaching firm, Kori helps corporate professionals turn their career and life dreams into reality (even if they have no idea what that is, they will soon!). Kori is a certified Career and Creativity Coach, artist and co-founder of VitaminR, a well-being and creative innovation company.

Are you currently going through a life or career transition? Or do you see a big transition coming up and can’t see anything beyond, like there is a big question mark? Do you find yourself asking,”What’s next?”. Not knowing our second act can be stressful and our Inner Critics start getting really loud. In this workshop you will take time to re-envision, challenge yourself to think more expansively, tap into the hive mind and go beyond what you think is possible. Top it all off by creating a watercolor painting that’s inspired by and solidifies your vision. Walk away feeling inspired with a 90 day game plan to start bringing the vision into a reality!

We’ve all got dreams! We are either in the process of bringing those dreams into a reality or the dream is a seed in the mind. Wherever you are in the dream making process it’s important to connect with your “why”. Knowing your why is going to ground and inspire you as undoubtedly difficult times will arise on your journey to get there. Kori will take you through her Life Purpose Generator technique and you will use linoleum block printing and ink to literally be digging for the heart of your why! You will walk away with prints for yourself and to hand out to others to start sharing your dream and your why with the world!

Kimmay Caldwell


Woodward, OK

Kimmay Caldwell is a self-love coach and Undergarment Educator who supports people to say hurray inside, outside, and underneath™. She is an expert bra fitter with over a decade of experience of getting intimate with people from cup sizes A to N since 2005. Formerly based in NYC, she is now in rural Oklahoma and travels around the world to spread her empowering message of self-love, and how to use the everyday ritual of putting on a bra to uncover your confidence, stand in your power, and learn to love yourself. Her teaching is infused with 6+ years of leading WILD Woman new moon circles, guided meditations, and one-on-one coaching for a mind and body connection like no other. Her newest offering, Bra Confidence & Comfort, supports people to find a comfortable bra fit without wasting hours in the bra department so they can start each day feeling empowered and saying HURRAY!

You may have seen her in one of over 100 press outlets, including The Martha Stewart Show, The Today Show, six times on The Rachael Ray Show, seven on The Marilyn Denis Show, and more. Or perhaps you caught her teaching bra fitting workshops at the largest lingerie expo in the world in Paris.

Partner with the moon to create connection, set intentions, and open your heart. Using guided meditation and other tools, we’ll take a step to find harmony with the divine masculine and feminine and get clarity on what next step will support you and your growth. Coming fresh from a full moon in watery, emotional, gentle Pisces, we will set aside the mask we wear each day and deeply connect with the truth that’s within… and say hurray. 
Our breasts and chest are right over one of the most important parts of ourselves: our hearts. Deepen the relationship with your heart and what’s on the inside, as we let go of misunderstandings about our bodies and breasts from our culture, youth, and even marketing. Kimmay shares her wisdom as a professional bra fitter, changemaker, and creator of the More Than My Numbers campaign in this educational and brave conversation, visualization, journaling, and sharing. All chests and breasts are welcome. 

Marcy Clark

Media Training, PR and Public Speaking Coach 

Lafayette, CA

Marcy Clark is Co-Founder of VitaminR, a Wellbeing and Creative Expression Consultancy. She’s a  Self-Expression & Public Speaking Coach, a PR and Brand Strategy consultant, and the creator of the ‘Vocal Clearings & Empowered Declarations’ workshop. Her work is grounded in the principles of storytelling, creativity, and “the body as instrument.” Marcy is a trained actress, yogi and bodyworker, certified in Reiki and experienced in meditative healing methodologies.

How we do one thing in life is often how we do everything. Many of us have habitual ways of speaking and using our voices that don’t tap into our full power. This freeing voice experience invites you to clear stuck vocal patterns and learn a radical self-care practice that empowers your voice and honors your emotional life. Participants will learn techniques for chakra alignment using specific sounds, self-massage, vocal warm ups and playing with receiving and sending sound energy. Walk away invigorated with daily practices to speak with more power, authority and joy.

In this highly interactive workshop you will learn how to highlight your brand’s values with creative and unique events and brand activations that will keep your clients loyal and draw in new customers. Learn from a veteran publicist how to individuate your brand and the Do’s and Don’ts for successful PR and events. Mastermind PR activations with the group and get real-time feedback and coaching on your ideas.

A blissful yoga experience exploring your proprioceptive and interoceptive senses – go within to build trust and peace with yourself in a very slow flow class. All levels are welcome in this unique yogic experience focused on building pleasure and self-love in your body.

Jessie Davis


Brooklyn, NY

Jessie “DJ Nebraska” Davis is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, DJ, and educator who brings magic both to the stage and the classroom. Jessie was raised as a classical pianist in Salt Lake City, UT. Later she migrated to Atlanta, GA where she honed her skills in jazz, r&b, hip hop and gospel music. Davis has now been living in NYC and immersing herself in hip hop culture since 2011. She has become a staple of the hip hop community and NYC underground; holding down residencies as co host of Freestyle Mondays, house musician for LayeRhythm, and DJ for Blue Nile jam session. She has developed events including Wildcard Tuesdays, Fever, and the Nebraska Jones Experiment which feature her many talents, and provide a platform for other artists to develop their craft. Her mission as an artist and educator is to empower others by enabling them to discover their individual voice and creative freedom. 

Join Jess in a creative wellness workshop for songwriters, poets, and anyone interested in wordplay.  Whether you’re a novice writer or experienced creator, we can all harness the opportunity to clear out emotional and energetic blocks to tap into deeper levels of inspiration.  Journey within to tap into your flow state, unlock your voice, and unleash cathartic experiences to transform life into art. We will use the power of meditation and collaboration to connect to our inner muse and allow the art to flow freely as we take songwriting and storytelling to the next level.  

Bea Dellaria

Psychic, medium, intuitive life coach

East Stroudsburg, PA

Bea has worked under her mentor for two decades learning about spiritual growth as a psychic medium. That experience has allowed her the opportunity to work with others so that they too may experience personal growth and transformation.

Psychic readings with Q&A sessions. Energy work with insight to further development and personal growth. Covering areas of Love, Life, Career, Finances, and the list goes on!

Linda Domino

Nature Therapy & Yoga Guide

Yadley, PA

Linda has guided yoga, meditation, and retreats for over 20 years and is a certified forest therapy guide. She is passionate about expanding love in the world by leading people into connection with each other, within themselves, and with the natural world.

Join Linda for this beautiful opportunity to reduce stress, improve feelings of happiness, free up creativity, and optimize overall well-being in the forest. Reconnect and restore balance to your daily life as you discover the fundamentals of forest bathing, experience a sensory awakening, and answer invitations to connect with the natural world that surrounds you.

A mindful, fluid dance of yoga posture and conscious breathing.  

Amber Emory

Qoya Teacher

Bethlehem, PA

Being a Qoya teacher is one of the many tools I use to support, advocate, and cultivate feminine energy and elemental connection. Movement has always been a language that came naturally to me, but adding community and purpose through Qoya has made movement a pathway to deep engagement and self-discovery. Initially, Qoya found me in 2018 but our relationship has bloomed and flourished throughout the COVID pandemic into an amalgamation of virtual gathering, communal practices, and self-care support.

Connect with community and explore the wisdom of your body as we journey through meditation, movement, and mindfulness embracing our feminine essence as wise, wild, and free. Qoya is movement to remember and not about right or wrong; it is about doing what feels good in your body.

Robin Gelfenbien

Ambassador of Fun (Storyteller, Comedian, Host & Writer)

New York, NY

Robin is a three-time Moth Story SLAM winner who has performed on PBS, RISK!, Mortified and Sirius Radio and has shared the stage with Hannah Gadsby, Trevor Noah and more. Robin is the Creator and Host of the storytelling series and podcast, “Yum’s the Word,” that features her homemade ice cream cakes. The show has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and named a New York Times and Time Out New York Critic’s Pick. Guests have included Tim Gunn, Mo Rocca, Joy Behar, Jason Biggs, Jerry Greenfield (Jerry from Ben & Jerry’s) and stars from “Orange is the New Black.”

Think you’ve got a good story to tell on stage at The Moth, in a presentation, at a job interview, on a date or with a friend? Story is at the heart of everything we do and is the crux of human connection.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 essential elements of every story
  • How to mine your experiences for engaging stories
  • 5-part story structure
  • Fun writing prompts and exercises to uncover your own stories and more!

Marie Jasmin

Inspirational Movement Coach

Brooklyn, NY

Marie inspires all to be the best they can be within themselves and knows that movement is a quality that truly makes us all shine. Her dedication to promoting wellness through group fitness classes has been ongoing within NYC for the past two decades.  All of her classes are stirred with passion and naturally unleash joy, confidence, strength and creativity! It’s through her own personal gains of listening to her body, battling being overweight and developing an overwhelming sense of self security that created her desire to be an inspirational movement coach to all.  Leave it to Marie to tell you, “Marie loves you because you are here taking care of you!”

Experience a fun-filled total body workout that will have you embrace your own strength and challenge you to extend yourself further. This class has you using your own body weight and optional props for a true full body exercise experience. It is open to all levels for we are all our own masterpieces evolving!

Kami Kiritsis

SUP & Yoga Instructor

Sinking Spring, PA

Kami is the founder and director of Aqua Om Paddle. Aqua Om encourages a holistic approach to health and wellness through mindful movements such as; Paddle Boarding, Aqua Fitness, Yoga and Meditation. When we practice Aqua Om we are recognizing our connection to everything within the universe.

Whether this is your first time exploring the practice of Yoga or your hundredth, adding the element of water makes it a brand new experience for everyone.  Enjoy the gentle and therapeutic nature of a Yoga practice, coupled with the soothing effects of the water. Challenge your balance and engage the mind, body and spirit while floating into a world of rejuvenation and respite. If you are new to Stand Up Paddle Boarding don’t worry! Everyone will get a lesson on land and water before we begin the actual class.

Katie Kozlowski


Norwalk, CT

Katie Kozlowski is an energy and embodiment coach with a passion for creating freedom, transformation and growth. For the past 11 years she has been leading the way in the field of self led healing and has supported hundreds of women in breaking free from patterns, pain and struggle. She is the creator of the transformational method ShaktiBomb™ and her mission is to empower others to create the life they want by leading from the heart.

Are you ready to fully release all that heavy energy you’ve been holding onto so you can finally create from a place of joy and receive more love, abundance and wealth? Join Katie for this simple immersive workshop where you’ll learn how to make contact with the hidden roots of your struggle so you can finally let go of what’s stopping you and call in more of that delicious truth you’re seeking! During this 2 hour journey you’ll learn how to stop creating struggle while opening to more of what you desire.

Do you struggle with understanding what it means to be feminine and/or masculine and do you wish you could simply just be yourself? Join Katie for a powerful workshop where you get to explore what being a powerful womxn means to you and learn how to create from your center. Because the truth is you already a powerful creator and this workshop is designed to teach how you to put your own unique magic into practice! Reclaim your queendom and become the chief creator of your life!

Each one of us have a unique path and purpose we are here to live and this one on one session will support you in healing the blocks that are standing in your way. ShaktiBomb™ is an energetic process designed to guide you straight to the roots of trauma so you can release what’s holding you back and rewire your entire system for more love, freedom and success. Each session is unique as it matches your own personal pathway and design but the tools will support you in healing trauma, rewiring the nervous system, clearing karmic and energetic blocks, upgrading DNA and activating your own creative power called Shakti.

Eileen Moran


Brooklyn, NY

Eileen is a certified sound therapy practitioner, aquatic bodywork practitioner, tantric meditation teacher and event producer with experience in the Healing Arts focused on Meditation, Botanical Medicine, Aromatherapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Nutrition, Healthy Breast Education, Integrative Sound & Music and Tantric Kriya Yoga Studies. She shares her gifts via her organization, Architects of Experience (AoE), as Program Director at You Can Thrive & at the NY Open Center Sound & Music Institute.

Eileen will be sharing sound experiences throughout the Weekend Getaway for everyone to experience. You might find her at the lake, under a tree or at an evening campfire with her crystal quartz bowls, hammered Nepali singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, chimes, and more.

A transformational, life shifting sound meditation and wellness experience. Experience sound healing as synchronicity of art and science for the mind, body, and soul. Receive your treatment one on one or with someone else. 

Experience personalized sound therapy and a Guatemalan cacao or traditional tea ceremony. Eileen will curate your relaxing, euphoric & unifying meditation facilitated by the gentle energy of ceremonial grade cacao from the Guatemalan jungle. Ceremonial Cacao is one of the most complex drinks in the world, containing an estimated 1,200 chemical constituents.  Connect with your heart’s desire and access your inner essence to deepen your connection with yourself. You can also do this with your Rise Weekend companion as a shared experience.  

Tatianna Muniz


Brooklyn, NY

Tatianna is a native New Yorker, wedding photographer, and animal rescue advocate. She is the cofounder of The Abandoned Dogs of RI and a lifelong food & beverage professional. She uses her photography and hospitality experience to create a sense of ease and connection to draw out the client’s most authentic self. 
Join Tatianna for a 15 minute photo session surrounded by the magic of the forest. Bring your intentions and authentic selves so Tatianna can provide a tailored experience into the world of photography. Whether you need headshots, brand photos, a new social media pic, or just want to try a new thing in a safe space – Tatianna will guide you into feeling comfortable with the camera so that your photos capture your authentic self and tap into that divine energy within you. Session includes at least 3 high resolution digital images.

Sharai Perry


Philadelphia, PA

Raya has been a LMT for the past 8 years graduating from Cortiva Institute in King of Prussia, Pa. Wanting to give others the same experience she had Raya became an instructor at Cortiva. She found a love in helping individuals find relief and relaxation with the therapeutic touch that massage allows.

Each session will be tailored to the clients needs by using various modalities and stretching techniques such as Swedish, Sports Stretching or Trigger Point Therapy to get the desired effect. Whether it be a chair or a table massage you’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Alionka Polanco


North Brunswick, NJ

Alionka has contributed to the personal development industry for over 7 years. After beginning her journey as an NYU-certified life coach, she embarked on a soul healing journey that led her to reiki, Human Design, and the Akashic Records. She’s a compassionate guide for seekers seeking their next level.

Human Design is a profound system that supports us in understanding how we are best meant to live, work, and thrive. In this introductory class, we’ll be going over the basics of human design (strategy, authority, type, etc) as well as specific, actionable steps to make more aligned decisions in your life. There will be time for Q+A as well! 

The Akashic Record is the living record that holds the truth of your soul through all dimensions, planes, and times. If there was an encyclopedia that held all of the information of every lifetime you’ve experienced and will experience – it can be found here. A depth of healing, understanding, and acceptance can be found here on all topics of life: from love and relationships, to health, to career and soul purpose.

Rachel Rainbow


Fort Washington, PA
Co-creator of Rise Gatherings, Rachel is a progressive leader in the wellness industry. She facilitates connections within individuals for greater well-being through the modality of Transformative Touch.

Join Rachel for this beautiful opportunity to reduce stress, improve feelings of happiness, free up creativity, and optimize overall well-being in the forest. Reconnect and restore balance to your daily life as you discover the fundamentals of forest bathing, experience a sensory awakening, and answer invitations to connect with the natural world that surrounds you.

Tink Rainbow


Fort Washington, PA

Tink is a professional organizer and owner of Clean House (an organizing, decluttering, packing and unpacking company). She recently left her career as a High School Special Education teacher to focus on her passion, helping people live an organized, clutter-free life –  because living an organized life is a form of self care! Her company specializes in helping busy people organize and declutter their homes (and commercial spaces) one room at a time. She transforms homes in the Philadelphia area while supporting others virtually.

Experience the magic of living a clutter free life! Tink will walk you through simple steps to transform your home from chaos to calm. She’ll introduce you to her signature 7 step approach and give you practical tips, tricks and tools to tackle common areas of concern.

Onalee Rivera


Glendale, NY

Onalee is an experienced multimedia artist and educator, creating living works of art adorning people with her body painting and henna designs. She also has a passion for helping others in a myriad of ways including teaching body art internationally, hosting jams for local artists, and homeschooling her nephews. In her spare time, she loves drawing and playing with her succulent fairy gardens. 
Adorn yourself with a custom henna design to match your vibe: mandalas, florals, geometric patterns, or whatever you have in mind. Henna sessions are a relaxing meditative experience where you connect with your artist to receive and become a work of art. Henna designs are typically applied to the hands or feet and can be enjoyed for about a week.

Jennifer Roth

Spiritual Photographer and Earth Magic Visionary

Alloway, NJ

Jennifer is a divine feminine empowerment artist and Earth magic visionary. Using nature, photography, yoga, and intuitive guidance she helps women improve their spiritual health and trust their instinctual feminine power.

Join Jenn for a 15 minute empowerment photo session surrounded by the magic of the forest. You will ground into the Earth’s magic, release the heaviness that you are carrying, and share an empowering conversation that will leave you feeling inspired and spiritually grounded. Session includes 3 digital images of you in your goddess energy.

Leslie Roy

Days for Girls Team Leader & Regional Representative

Philadelphia, PA

At Days For Girls we are turning periods into pathways. We increase access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating social enterprises, mobilizing volunteers and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigma and limitations for women and girls.

Rise Gatherings is proud to be a partner sponsor for Days for Girls. Join Leslie Roy, Days for Girls team leader and regional representative, to learn how access to menstrual care and education shatters stigma and limitations for girls and women around the world. Leslie will share the story of the organization while facilitating a Days for Girls collective sewing circle.  Together the group will be creating reusable menstrual supply kits that will be distributed in DfG partner communities. You’ll be making a valuable contribution with your hands on help while learning more about the issues facing women and girls globally and the creative solutions and impact of this incredible organization!

Rachel Sagerman


Jenkintown, PA

Rachel guides women to break out of their identity. Giving permission for their lush, fertile, creativity, whetted with desire, pleasure and exquisite vulnerability at any age.

If you want to be a bad ass, sexually empowered woman, embrace your Ancient Old Woman. That’s right!  In this workshop Rachel will be exploring the wisdom & self love that is available when we inhabit the body & reclaim our life force energy through the archetype of The Crone.  Whatever age you are, we will be exploring and releasing pent up identities from our values, beliefs & programming, reclaiming our power and capacity to love ourselves.  She will guide you through discussion, breath work, visualization, gentle movement to liberate you from societies conditioning and get you in touch with your own expansive power, capacity for pleasure, sovereignty and what it feels like to be a QUEEN.
Rachel has been a therapeutic bodyworker for over 22 years. Her passion, knowledge, intuition, reverence for the body & love for the human condition make her work an experience you won’t forget.  

Margot Schulman


Wappingers Falls, NY

Margot Schulman is an Activist, Author, Facilitator and Love, Sex & Relationship Coach with years of experience coaching individuals to create peace, freedom and love in their lives. Margot specializes in helping people build a rock solid foundation of trust, acceptance and love for themselves and then walk that outwards to exponentially expand the joy and ease they experience in every close relationship in their lives. Known as the “Love Activist” and as the founder of the Choose Love Movement, Margot is the author of “Choose Love: A Simple Path to Healthy, Joyful Relationships.”

Discover simple practices to infuse more passion into every area of your life (including the bedroom!) Participants will learn how to experience more pleasure and turn on throughout their everyday lives as well as during intimate experiences by gently strengthening their connection with their own bodies.

Join Margot for a movement practice that energizes your body, invigorates your spirit and allows joyful and playful connection both within yourself and with your fellow dancers. Feel a delightful expansion of freedom and confidence in your body! No previous dance experience necessary!

Bri Seeley


Tulsa, OK

The Entrepreneur Coach, Bri Seeley, helps entrepreneurs create long-term, sustainable and scalable success… on their terms! Bri distills her 14-years of real world experience into digestible, tangible tools to help entrepreneurs thrive and profit. Her expertise has been featured in over 50 press outlets and hundreds of podcasts.

Are you ready to take the next step to grow your business… but you’re not sure what that next step is? Or, even if you did, how to take it? This workshop will help you to identify your next step and formulate a plan to support yourself in creating your vision for business growth.

Sarah Seely


Brooklyn, PA

Sarah Seely is a practitioner and educator of Thai Yoga Therapy and the owner of Thai Brooklyn. She is a deeply empathetic and intuitive healer with over 20 years of experience and training. By holding safe, sacred space for transformational healing, Sarah uses bodywork, energy healing, spiritual guidance, and wise counsel to craft her sessions. Deeply committed to her own healing journey, Sarah embodies her teachings to the fullest as a guide for others.

This deeply relaxing, pain relieving, and soul retrieving blend of assisted yoga, mindful movement, and Thai bodywork encourages increased range of motion, relief of pain and muscle tension, muscle lengthening and flexibility, and improved lymph and blood circulation.

Women are natural caregivers, empaths, and nurturers, often freely giving and offering support to others sometimes before caring for themselves. But we cannot pull from an empty well – we are only as good to others as we are to ourselves. The more we resource and nourish ourselves, the more we can express our full potential, enjoy life, be present, and show up for those we love. By becoming more aware of our bodies, minds, emotions and the relationship between them, we can greatly enhance our well-being and strengthen the contributions we are able to make to the world around us. This workship will offer you an opportunity to connect with other women and deepen into and discover your own internal resources, allowing you to find the support you need to continue to share your gifts. Using somatic and mindfulness practices, journaling prompts, and self-massage, you will be guided in developing self-care practices and rituals that will last a lifetime.

Beth Segaloff


Fairfield, CT

Beth will support and guide you as you transform your story connected to grief and trauma towards your story of self love and healing. She integrates therapy (LCSW), EMDR, Life Coaching, Reiki healing and yoga (specializing in Grief Yoga as well Yoga for Teens) with her clients and students. She integrates these modalities 1:1, in groups, classes and workshops as a way to support her clients and students as they heal their past, explore ways to be present and create vision and possibility.

Grief is a natural process that we all experience. As a collective, we are experiencing grief in different shapes and forms. Grief may be the death of a loved one, a divorce, loss of a job, pet loss, or even the loss of the identity you once had. In many ways, the pandemic reflects how we are all grieving the life we expected. Grief yoga is not a “regular” yoga class focused on strength or flexibility. Rather, it’s an experience of emotional liberation held with compassion.

This practice uses a cycle of transformation, including movement, breath, and sound, to gain awareness, clear emotions, connect and surrender so you can reconnect with love.  

Conscious breathwork is a technique to move energy through the body and welcome powerful shifts. This specific breathing modality can be used as a portal to promote healing and deepen your connection to intuition. The breath is an incredible tool which can unlock energy and old stories and create space for lightness and expansive awareness. 

Some benefits of breathwork may include: releasing the feelings often associated with anxiety, depression, fear, anger, stress, overwhelm, trauma, and energy blocks. This process allows you to disconnect from the mind and enter a deep space of healing to enhance mental, physical and spiritual aspects of your life. 

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life-Force Energy.” It is a non-invasive technique that supports individuals on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level by balancing energy throughout the body and promoting healing. This session is an invitation and opportunity to gain awareness of where you may be stuck, give yourself permission to release, and a key to unlock your intuition. 

Because Beth is also a therapist (LCSW, specializing in EMDR) and coach, your session (if you choose) will integrate other tools to support you. You have everything you need right inside of you. Beth will hold this space for you so you can begin to tune into your wisdom. 

Please join us for an experience with Womxn that begins with self-love. It’s important that we love every part of ourselves, even the parts that feel messy. During our time together we are going to explore self-love through expression, creativity, movement, and connection.

During the workshop you will: 

  • Explore your personal love story through journaling and movement 
  • Gain awareness of limiting beliefs or fears that may be blocking true self-love
  • Tap into your creativity 
  • Have an opportunity to be truly seen and heard
  • Unlock joy and laughter
  • Be in community with amazing Womxn AND celebrate being your own Be-Lov-Ed!

Jill & Abby Severino


Newtown Square and Phoenixville, PA

Harvest Happy is the collaboration of Rise Gatherings alumni, Jill and Abby Severino. Harvest Happy embraces the idea that happiness is homemade through creativity, connections, and conversations. Jill is a mixed media artist, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach™, and Rise Gatherings Executive Assistant. Abby is a trained ceramacist who earned her BFA at Tyler School of Art at Temple. She teaches young artists to express themselves through creativity at Art With Abby classes and camps in Montgomery and Delaware Counties, PA. 

At what point did you decide you weren’t an artist? Most of us enjoyed some form of creative play as children and didn’t worry about whether it was “good” or “real” or “appealing” to others. We did what felt right to us in the moment. Mixed media art lends itself to a return to play. In this workshop, you’ll create an art journal and Abby & Jill will guide you through “the layers” … paint, collage, and art pens. Learn the benefits of art journaling and what it feels like to embrace your inner artist. You’ll leave this workshop with an art journal that you created and at least one two-page spread ready to fill with quotes, secrets and dreams.

Gilda Smith


Philadelphia, PA

Gilda uses her skilled bodywork experience to bring balance and integrity to the healing system that is facilitated when we are in alignment. She believes in turning off the cycle of flight or fight to the zen, digest and rest. Massage therapy, yoga and meditation aid in the neurological exchange so vital for our well-being. To compliment the art of her massage, Gilda uses kinesio taping and cupping to achieve longer lasting goals. She also  recommends personalized yoga, dance and self care to maintain the bodywork you will receive.

Gilda’s Deep Healing Massage treatments combine deep tissue modalities, craniosacral and myofascial, yoga therapy and osteopathic positional release therapy, including Neuromuscular therapy and SMRT. She intuitively tailors to the needs of the body and spirit she is working with.

Ilia Stranko


Gainsville, FL

Ilia Stranko is a former Social Worker who left conventional healing behind for spiritual growth & self discovery. After years of studying everything from Reiki to Past Life Regression Therapy she emerged and began teaching others the life changing tools she discovered along the way. She now combines her expertise to help others feel safe while exploring their spiritual path. Ilia offers individual and group coaching experiences via Spiritually Curious™ to equip modern soul seekers with all the spiritual tools & knowledge they need to embrace their journey. 

If you’ve been longing for more practical tools & have a strong desire to go deeper into your personal practice this workshop is for you! During this two-hour interactive workshop you’ll not only have fun learning all about pendulums and the importance of smoke washing, you’ll make your own herb filled smoke wash bundle to take home with you! YAY! You’ll learn the history of smoke washing, how to do it properly for yourself and your home, and why it’s an essential part of your spiritual practice. You’ll also learn all about pendulums: how to use a pendulum for yourself, how to connect it to your energy field, how to properly ask questions / receive answers, how to know when it’s working, how to reset the energy of one that’s not working and so much more! 

You’ll leave this workshop fully equipped with all the goodies you need to begin a practice of your own. *No previous experience or knowledge required all you need to bring is an open heart and a curious soul. 

You’ve heard about Chakras & Auras, you might “know” what they are, yet, they remain a mystery… how do they work, where are they, why are they important to your physical and emotional health? Curious about why you feel drained around certain people and invigorated around others? Your Energy Field is a dynamic and responsive system of energy centers and the many layers of your Aura. In this workshop you”ll learn everything you need to know about Chakras, your Aura, the layers of Our Energy Field and how they communicate with each other.

Romy Toussaint


Lawrenceville, NJ

Romy is a transformational trainer and coach, motivational speaker, and yoga teacher. She empowers those around her to create a complete practice of consciously leading their lives; to manage their energy and have constant access to their vitality so they can do their work in the world. Romy is a professional speaker and presenter on the benefits of mindfulness, yoga and wellness. She is an expert at customizing and facilitating physical activity breaks and mindfulness sessions at conferences and workshops for all types of groups and organizations.

Feeling overwhelmed? Have a hard time sleeping? Are you worried about your immune system? Do you feel rundown and overworked? Learn about 10 simple daily habits to add to your daily routine so you can stay healthy, build strong immunity, get great sleep and create ease and flow in your life. In this workshop you will learn about the nature of your immune system and your dosha or body type and acquire tools to build a strong terrain in your body and thrive.

Are you dealing with recycled drama and stress? Do you wish you could have more clear and authentic communication? Wishing you could create a more open, creative, and drama-free environment? It only takes one person to create a shift! Join Romy for an introduction to conscious leadership tools to radically support you in your professional and personal life. Learn how to build trust and create a conscious culture, apply new tools for challenging situations, and have fun exploring how your actions, thoughts, and beliefs empower you to  emerge as conscious leader.

Andrea White


Wayne, PA

Andrea has seen acupuncture and energy healing make a huge difference in people’s lives, from reducing pain to increasing quality of life. She loves helping others find more passion, more pleasure, and more ease in their lives and their relationships. Andrea practices “Pintuition” – a blend of acupuncture, energy healing, intuitive reasoning, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She will share her enthusiasm, her experience, and her heart with all of you.


Give yourself the gift of company and serenity. Resonant Gatherings are a group healing experience that creates a deep sense of peace, relaxation, and oneness. Experience the calming, centering, life-changing effects of acupuncture, meditation, Reiki, essential oils, and more.

One-on-one sessions empower physical and emotional health, prevent illness, treat medical conditions, and include a wide range of healing modalities from my extensive training and experience, such as acupuncture, energy healing, Reiki, and more.

Julie Wu

RAD Roller Educator

Denver, CO

Julie began her journey in the research field, investigating mechanisms of various forms of Diabetes and Cancer in the lab environment. Seeing health and wellness as a more holistic endeavor, she took a right turn and became a classically trained Five- Element Acupuncturist. She began the practice of yoga during her training and wanting to dive deeper into anatomy and movement, and now teaches myofascial release workshops nationally and internationally as a lead ambassador for RAD rollers, a company that creates high quality myofascial release tools and education.

Use the RAD Muscle Flushing kit to target and release overused areas, enhance range of motion, and massage areas of tension. Lift the load from your shoulders, hips and back leaving you feeling relaxed and lighter.

Get your dose of womanhood wisdom!

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