Workshops & Classes

We bring together the most talented facilitators and practitioners to give you empowering experiences throughout your Weekend Getaway! Our array of activities are aimed to support you in taking care of all aspects of yourself as a woman. 

Continue to check back as more facilitators are added to the lineup throughout the year.

Types of Activities

We have 3 types of activities for you to enjoy over the course of the weekend:


Classes are unlimited, with a variety of options, like movement and meditation, with plenty of scheduled opportunities.


Pre-register for 4 workshops, each 1.5 -2 hour immersive and intimate experiences to support your overall health and well-being.


Pre-register for individual treatment sessions with one of our gifted practitioners for an additional fee.


Your Weekend Co-Creators

Jennifer Aks-Neuman


Brooklyn, NY

 Jennifer Aks-Neuman graduated from NYU with a dance major and education minor. Through her experiences, Jen discovered her mission to help find creative ways to uplift and empower all Womxn. Jen works with Womxn to help them tell their stories, believing that if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, the movement that comes forward will communicate our story and will have the power to transform. 

Sometimes words are not enough. Through an embodied experience, dance herStory will empower a form of connection and expression with individual and communal gesture. Sharing and embodying each other’s gestures allows for powerful expression and empathy towards others and oneself. Gain perspective, experience transformation, and connect with lightness, creativity and joy! The workshop will be recorded as an artistic video story so you can reflect on the experience forever.

In this movement class, we will experience the joy of embodying our emotions and moving them through our body.  While we dance, hold space and witness one another, we will celebrate our personal life stories through movement. 

Portia Andrews


Los Angeles, CA

DJ Portia will be infusing the Rise Gatherings Weekend Getaway with music! For Portia, music is meditation. She will be opening hearts and minds to receive exactly what they need through music. 

Positive energy, high vibrational music & grooves that make you move!

Tami Astorino, M.Ed


Ambler, PA

Rise Co-Founder Tami loves to connect people to themselves, each other, and nature. Her 25 year career facilitating meaningful, brave and transformative experiences has led her to Rise where she shares her gifts and creates opportunities for others to do the same. 

Join Tami for this beautiful opportunity to reduce stress, improve feelings of happiness, free up creativity, and optimize overall well-being in the forest. Reconnect and restore balance to your daily life as you discover the fundamentals of forest bathing, experience a sensory awakening, and answer invitations to connect with the natural world that surrounds you.

Gila Axelrod


Ambler, PA

Gila Axelrod is a writer, educator, and speaker who guides people to accept themselves exactly as they are. Her social media platform has been embraced as a force for connection and a call to action. Gila’s experiences as an activist, queer woman, and mental health educator have shaped her bold, clear voice for radical self acceptance.

In this honest, non-judgmental space, we will explore our experiences with beauty standards and body image, while learning how to free ourselves from the grips of diet culture. Through conversation, music, and writing, women of all ages are encouraged to attend and find that the freedom and peace we hope to attain when we look a certain way was actually within us all along.

Thais Blinks

alchemist, Energy Healer, Coach

Dallas, TX

Alchemist Thais has taken her love for science with 20+ years of service as a chemistry and physics teacher and integrated it with her journey into spirituality to create a holistic healing experience for others. She specializes in self-love and relationship coaching, chakra aligning and balancing, energy clearing, shadow work, and oracle readings. Thais is on a mission of energy empowerment and has a vision to see more people better manage their energy so that they don’t hurt themselves or others.

We are divine beings of light with the power of lifeforce energy flowing through us via the energy centers of the body. In this class, we will take an experiential journey through the 7 major chakras to align and balance them, clear unhealed emotions, and plug energy leaks. This immersive experience of colors, sound, light, aroma and vibration will guide you to find your flow and balance in life. You will leave with the skills to protect your energy, nourish your mind, body and soul naturally, and handle life from a place of inner peace.

Tune your Soul Song with this immersive experience that utilizes colors, crystals, singing bowls, tuning forks, essential oils and herbs to align and balance your chakras and clear the emotional memory stored throughout your energy field. This treatment includes an Energy Oracle Reading, Chakra alignment and clearing with Sound Balancing, and integrative meditation for attunement.

Yoni Love…Vagina Mood…Oh My! In this workshop you will be empowered to learn natural and holistic approaches to vaginal care including yoni steaming and healthy womb affirmations. Yoni steaming increases our intention and balances sacral chakra energy that helps in strengthening the womb.

Donna Bostock


Huntington Valley, PA

Donna Bostock is a music educator in percussion, bass and ukulele. Donna’s passion for traditional world music genres is infused in the music/rhythms she plays and she is committed to inspiring and empowering adults and children in finding their personal connection to music. Donna has a unique way of bridging the relationship between healing and sound through music.

Awaken the rhythm in your soul through this group percussion experience. Learn traditional world music genres and be guided to share your spirit through sound. The power of the drum facilitates profound connection within yourself and celebrates the harmony when we come together. No experience necessary. Drums and other instruments are provided.

Kira Buckley


Los Angeles, CA

HeyyHealer! Kira is a clinical herbalist and intuitive healer with a background in Integrative Medicine, acupuncture and herbs. She is also the founder and owner of HeyyHealer- a physical apothecary and Zen studio in Dallas, TX and now in LA, where HeyyHealer offering intuitive healing, meditation and breath work beach sessions, retreats, writing and speaking (story medicine).

Private shamanic coaching includes one or more of the following: intuitive and human design chart reading, individual past life/childhood regression therapy, reiki (energy) healing, holistic nutritional regimens and meditation + breathwork. Other services may be included and modified for a tailored experience for each client.

A SelfcareRX : Meditation, Manifesting, Medicine, + Mantras. This is a workshop/masterclass for those in the field of service to others through energy exchange on every level! We’ll survey sacred tools for healers who are intentional about their own healing.

Kori Burkholder

Career and Creativity Coach 

New York, NY
An artist and Founder of Inspirality Ventures, career and creative coaching firm, Kori helps corporate professionals turn their career and life dreams into reality (even if they have no idea what that is, they will soon!). Kori is a certified Career and Creativity Coach, artist and co-founder of VitaminR, a well-being and creative innovation company.

Are you currently going through a life or career transition? Or do you see a big transition coming up and can’t see anything beyond, like there is a big question mark? Do you find yourself asking,”What’s next?”. Not knowing our second act can be stressful and our Inner Critics start getting really loud. In this workshop you will take time to re-envision, challenge yourself to think more expansively, tap into the hive mind and go beyond what you think is possible. Top it all off by creating a watercolor painting that’s inspired by and solidifies your vision. Walk away feeling inspired with a 90 day game plan to start bringing the vision into a reality!

We’ve all got dreams! We are either in the process of bringing those dreams into a reality or the dream is a seed in the mind. Wherever you are in the dream making process it’s important to connect with your “why”. Knowing your why is going to ground and inspire you as undoubtedly difficult times will arise on your journey to get there. Kori will take you through her Life Purpose Generator technique and you will use linoleum block printing and ink to literally be digging for the heart of your why! You will walk away with prints for yourself and to hand out to others to start sharing your dream and your why with the world!

Dannah Chaifetz


Woodstock, NY

Dannah is the Staff Intuitive at some of the most prestigious spiritual centers in the United States: The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY, The Menla Mountain Retreat Center (owned by Tibet House, USA, the Dalai Lama’s organization), in Phoenicia, NY, and at Woodstock Healing Arts. She has a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, and extensive training including Advanced Mediumship with both Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell & one-on-one training with Erin Pavlina as a Professional Intuitive. She also trained and is certified with Brian Weiss in Past Life Regression Techniques.

Dannah uses photos and personal connection to receive information for and about you. Information may be about you, your partners, children, emotional issues, talents, & life challenges. Dannah is extremely accurate and the messages she shares give clarity and guidance on how to heal, deal and move forward in your life and relationships with more joy and satisfaction. Please bring photos on your phone of anyone you wish to discuss and receive guidance on.

Marcy Clark

Media Training, PR and Public Speaking Coach 

New York, NY 

Marcy Clark is Co-Founder of VitaminR, a Wellbeing and Creative Expression Consultancy. She’s a  Self-Expression & Public Speaking Coach, a PR and Brand Strategy consultant, and the creator of the ‘Vocal Clearings & Empowered Declarations’ workshop. Her work is grounded in the principles of storytelling, creativity, and “the body as instrument.” Marcy is a trained actress, yogi and bodyworker, certified in Reiki and experienced in meditative healing methodologies.

How we do one thing in life is often how we do everything. Many of us have habitual ways of speaking and using our voices that don’t tap into our full power. This freeing voice experience invites you to clear stuck vocal patterns and learn a radical self-care practice that empowers your voice and honors your emotional life. Participants will learn techniques for chakra alignment using specific sounds, self-massage, vocal warm ups and playing with receiving and sending sound energy. Walk away invigorated with daily practices to speak with more power, authority and joy.

In this highly interactive workshop you will learn how to highlight your brand’s values with creative and unique events and brand activations that will keep your clients loyal and draw in new customers. Learn from a veteran publicist how to individuate your brand and the Do’s and Don’ts for successful PR and events. Mastermind PR activations with the group and get real-time feedback and coaching on your ideas.

A blissful yoga experience exploring your proprioceptive and interoceptive senses – go within to build trust and peace with yourself in a very slow flow class. All levels are welcome in this unique yogic experience focused on building pleasure and self-love in your body.

Megan Conover, LAC


West Chester, PA

Megan Conover, Licensed Acupuncturist, incorporates functional nutrition and coaching with her treatments to gain optimal results with her patients. Megan specializes in women’s health, pain conditions, and cosmetic acupuncture. Megan can also  incorporate crystals, card readings, and guided meditations in treatments for those who are looking for a more esoteric experience.

Megan offers an array of acupuncture treatments: 75 min Cosmetic Acupuncture, 60 min Women’s Health Acupuncture and 60 min Small Group Acupuncture.
Acupuncture is recognized to be effective in treating a wide variety of health issues; pain and inflammation relief, organ function support, energy restoration, improving mobility, calming the mind and promoting the body’s natural healing process and overall well-being.

Jo Coppola, CG, LPC

Certified Graphologist, Licensed Professional Counselor

Philadelphia, PA

Jo Coppola is a Certified Graphologist and Licensed Professional Counselor, practicing the art of Handwriting and Art Analysis over the past thirty years. Jo has been presenting workshops to colleges, high schools, and various venues that offer assistance to greater mental health wellness with regards to people accessing their highest selves.

This service offers handwriting analysis as a science and art form. Handwriting links the hand to the brain and creates a masterful picture of a whole personality. Each session involves a reading based on interpretation that goes deeply into the psyche and soul.

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to create and have interpreted their unique mandala, with information and instruction on this specific art form and healing modality.  Mandala art is a sacred space that represents both our desires for outer wholeness and a longing for inner peace. Join us for an interactive experience, which can be used to provide personal insight to yourself or as an exercise to help others on a path to healing. 

Stacey Friedman

HMR® Practitioner, Women’s Health & Empowerment Coach, Empath Educator

Doylestown, PA

Stacey Friedman is the founder of Lucky Girl Health & Wellness and specializes in helping empaths and highly sensitive women end the cycles of exhaustion, burnt-out and shame so that they can live more empowered lives. She supports her clients with several techniques including trauma memory resolution, embodiment work, spiritual coaching and a “one-size-fits-none” approach to healthy eating. Using her gifts of wisdom and compassion, Stacey provides sacred space for her clients to heal and evolve into their best version of themselves.

This gentle integrative technique will leave you feeling light, peaceful and in awe of your body’s incredible wisdom! Following its lead, you will be guided to resolve any energetic pain that stems from your unresolved trauma memories using the powerful frequency of COLOR! Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to tap into her own inner healing abilities. (HMR® is a verbal, non-touch technique.)

What’s an empath? What’s an HSP? Join in community with like-minded empaths and highly sensitives to share and laugh about our unique sensitivities and incredible gifts! You’ll learn how we’re different and how we’re the same, have a chance to share authentically about your experiences as a sensitive person and receive a valuable list of techniques to help you ditch the exhaustion and overwhelm. Get ready to energize your body and empower your soul!

Marie Jasmin

Inspirational Movement Coach

Brooklyn, NY

Marie inspires all to be the best they can be within themselves and knows that movement is a quality that truly makes us all shine. Her dedication to promoting wellness through group fitness classes has been ongoing within NYC for the past two decades.  All of her classes are stirred with passion and naturally unleash joy, confidence, strength and creativity! It’s through her own personal gains of listening to her body, battling being overweight and developing an overwhelming sense of self security that created her desire to be an inspirational movement coach to all.  Leave it to Marie to tell you, “Marie loves you because you are here taking care of you!”

Experience a fun-filled total body workout that will have you embrace your own strength and challenge you to extend yourself further. This class has you using your own body weight and optional props for a true full body exercise experience. It is open to all levels for we are all our own masterpieces evolving!

Moe Jeter


Dallas, TX

MoeTivate Your Womb is a Holistic Health+Healing Center whose mission is to provide the community access to holistic, herbal products and services to heal, soothe, and cleanse the mind, body, and spirit.

Yoni Steam session with infused natural herbs for womb cleansing and healing. Close out session with Vagina affirmations.

What is a vagina? What does it look & smell like? How do we care for our vagina & Vagina mood? Vagina Affirmations? These are topics we’ll discuss during the workshop, we’ll play a Vagina mood bingo, and list ways/affirmations to connect our mental state to our sacral chakra.

Yoni Love…Vagina Mood…Oh My! In this workshop you will be empowered to learn natural and holistic approaches to vaginal care including yoni steaming and healthy womb affirmations. Yoni steaming increases our intention and balances sacral chakra energy that helps in strengthening the womb.

Kami Kiritsis

SUP & Yoga Instructor

Sinking Spring, PA

Kami is the founder and director of Aqua Om Paddle. Aqua Om encourages a holistic approach to health and wellness through mindful movements such as; Paddle Boarding, Aqua Fitness, Yoga and Meditation. When we practice Aqua Om we are recognizing our connection to everything within the universe.

Whether this is your first time exploring the practice of Yoga or your hundredth, adding the element of water makes it a brand new experience for everyone.  Enjoy the gentle and therapeutic nature of a Yoga practice, coupled with the soothing effects of the water. Challenge your balance and engage the mind, body and spirit while floating into a world of rejuvenation and respite. If you are new to Stand Up Paddle Boarding don’t worry! Everyone will get a lesson on land and water before we begin the actual class.

Natalie Levin


Elkins Park, PA

Astrologer Natalie Levin made her living as a professional opera singer and yoga teacher for the first half of her life. After realizing that her heart was not particularly in those two modalities, Natalie discovered the deeply healing magic of astrology Natalie brings the tools of humor, psychic talents, artistry, Jungian analysis, Gestalt couples’ therapy, and trauma therapy to her sessions with her clients. Natalie is familiar with the practical work of 12 step communities and at the same time is able to connect her clients with what is beyond the veil of the three dimensional.

Have you ever wondered if your life is on purpose? If you are the way you are for a very good and, perhaps, even cosmic reason? An astrological session with Natalie can illuminate the answers to these and other existential questions you may have about your life here on earth, and those that came before this particular incarnation.

How does your soul dance with the stars and the planets? Can you look to the moon to better understand your emotional world? What would it be like to have some context for what it means to be you? Astrologer Natalie Levin of Natalie Levin Astrology will introduce you to the planetary energies in this dynamic workshop. You will have instruction on how to pull out your personal natal astrology chart and Natalie will help you to understand what the Moon in your chart means. You can expect also to hear a bit about the current astrology for our species and you might even hear a live opera aria from Natalie!

Latasha Marie


Mount Laurel, NJ

Latasha Marie is a mindful yoga instructor, soulful storyteller and writer, mother, and military spouse. LaTasha teaches an artistic style of flow yoga that takes up space allowing you the journey inward with breath and light. She believes that practicing yoga + storytelling connects you to a higher version of yourself, brings about mindfulness, reminds us to breathe deep, and sparks joy in ourselves and the world around us; everyone has a story the world is needing to hear.

Bloom infers that the flower is at its fullest, brightest stage, and with your soulful stories of life, being the sun that you always needed all along…you will continue to bloom here. Connect intentionally with the vibrations from your heart, whispers from your mind to create soulful stories that are needed to bloom + grow here, now; writing what you need, want, and desire to commit to blooming. Latasha will guide you in modalities that lead to a creative journaling experience.  

The class is structured to build strength and foundation while you explore a repertoire of poses and Latasha’s poetic style to transitions. Be prepared to flow, connect with your inner energy, be present on purpose, and experiment with your practice and you will walk away feeling strong, refreshed, and energized.

Name what you need in a safe space created with your breath of life and the stories that are within in order to receive essentially all you desire and need to feel seen, safe, and supported; the things that no longer serve you need to be released. A creative writing grounding session will be the atmosphere to release, while making space for the things you need to be be fully committed to yourself in order to receive what you desire.

Eileen Moran


Brooklyn, NY

Eileen is a certified sound therapy practitioner, aquatic bodywork practitioner, tantric meditation teacher and event producer with experience in the Healing Arts focused on Meditation, Botanical Medicine, Aromatherapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Nutrition, Healthy Breast Education, Integrative Sound & Music and Tantric Kriya Yoga Studies. She shares her gifts via her organization, Architects of Experience (AoE), as Program Director at You Can Thrive & at the NY Open Center Sound & Music Institute.

Eileen will be sharing sound experiences throughout the Weekend Getaway for everyone to experience. You might find her at the lake, under a tree or at an evening campfire with her crystal quartz bowls, hammered Nepali singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, chimes, and more.

A transformational, life shifting sound meditation and wellness experience. Experience sound healing as synchronicity of art and science for the mind, body, and soul. Receive your treatment one on one or with someone else. 

Experience personalized sound therapy and a Guatemalan cacao or traditional tea ceremony. Eileen will curate your relaxing, euphoric & unifying meditation facilitated by the gentle energy of ceremonial grade cacao from the Guatemalan jungle. Ceremonial Cacao is one of the most complex drinks in the world, containing an estimated 1,200 chemical constituents.  Connect with your heart’s desire and access your inner essence to deepen your connection with yourself. You can also do this with your Rise Weekend companion as a shared experience.  

Krista Nelson


Philadelphia, PA

Krista is known as Iridescent Moon, a Silver Lining Sentinel on a mission to share what she has learned about the power of nature to acknowledge loss, sooth grief, quiet fear, and nurture the seed of peace, love, and optimism. Whether navigating personal loss or collective loss due to climate change, racial injustice, sexism, ageism, and disease, Krista guides you to cultivate an intimate relationship with nature as powerful medicine

Learn three ways to process grief with the Earth.  After honoring our grief, we can release the sadness, anger, and anxiety that accompanies loss. We offer it to the earth for composting. Then by remembering what it feels like to be held, not only by those who love and understand us, but also by the earth itself, we can be nourished. Explore everyday practical methods of using earth-based medicine for grounding our grief.

Krista will also be offering optional individual Grounding Grief sessions. With Krista’s guidance explore what grounding grief looks like for you personally. All types of loss may lead to grieving. Your loss might include a loved one, a marriage, a job/career, lifestyle, property etc. Grounding grief with earth is a simple process you practice at home, at work, wherever you go and whatever you do.

Discover how to use your intuition to receive nature’s medicine and message. Enjoy a journey in the forest with Krista using your mind’s eye to explore the unique attributes of the nature elements fire, water, air, earth, and space. Together we will perform nature rituals to show our respect for them and ask for their assistance. Then we will decipher the messages they hold for us.

Krista will also be offering optional individual Healing with Nature sessions. With Krista’s guidance, discover a personal nature element hero. You will have time to look closely at a situation you would like to change, review the unique qualities of the 5 nature elements and match an element that stands to provide you the most assistance at this time. 

Susan Padron


Cherry Hill, NJ

Susan Padron is an intuitive personal stylist, who helps women discover their personal style through their unique personalities. She guides women to shift the energy in their lives, so that they can love how they show up in their world.

Discover how visible you are as a unique individual in the clothes you choose to wear! Through this unique and fun experience you will learn more about who you are, who you want to be, and how all of that relates to your clothing. Susan will provide guidance that supports you as the individual that you are.

Rachel Rainbow


Fort Washington, PA
Co-creator of Rise Gatherings, Rachel is a progressive leader in the wellness industry. She facilitates connections within individuals for greater well-being through the modality of Transformative Touch.

Join Rachel for this beautiful opportunity to reduce stress, improve feelings of happiness, free up creativity, and optimize overall well-being in the forest. Reconnect and restore balance to your daily life as you discover the fundamentals of forest bathing, experience a sensory awakening, and answer invitations to connect with the natural world that surrounds you.

Tink Rainbow


Fort Washington, PA

Tink is a professional organizer and owner of Clean House (an organizing, decluttering, packing and unpacking company). She recently left her career as a High School Special Education teacher to focus on her passion, helping people live an organized, clutter-free life –  because living an organized life is a form of self care! Her company specializes in helping busy people organize and declutter their homes (and commercial spaces) one room at a time. She transforms homes in the Philadelphia area while supporting others virtually.

Experience the magic of living a clutter free life! Tink will walk you through simple steps to transform your home from chaos to calm. She’ll introduce you to her signature 7 step approach and give you practical tips, tricks and tools to tackle common areas of concern.

Jennifer Roth

Spiritual Photographer and Earth Magic Visionary

Alloway, NJ

Jennifer is a divine feminine empowerment artist and Earth magic visionary. Using nature, photography, yoga, and intuitive guidance she helps women improve their spiritual health and trust their instinctual feminine power.

Join Jenn for a 15 minute empowerment photo session surrounded by the magic of the forest. You will ground into the Earth’s magic, release the heaviness that you are carrying, and share an empowering conversation that will leave you feeling inspired and spiritually grounded. Session includes 3 digital images of you in your goddess energy.

Margot Schulman


Wappingers Falls, NY

Margot Schulman is an Activist, Author, Facilitator and Love, Sex & Relationship Coach with years of experience coaching individuals to create peace, freedom and love in their lives. Margot specializes in helping people build a rock solid foundation of trust, acceptance and love for themselves and then walk that outwards to exponentially expand the joy and ease they experience in every close relationship in their lives. Known as the “Love Activist” and as the founder of the Choose Love Movement, Margot is the author of “Choose Love: A Simple Path to Healthy, Joyful Relationships.”

Discover simple practices to infuse more passion into every area of your life (including the bedroom!) Participants will learn how to experience more pleasure and turn on throughout their everyday lives as well as during intimate experiences by gently strengthening their connection with their own bodies.

Join Margot for a movement practice that energizes your body, invigorates your spirit and allows joyful and playful connection both within yourself and with your fellow dancers. Feel a delightful expansion of freedom and confidence in your body! No previous dance experience necessary!

Sarah Seely


Brooklyn, PA

Sarah Seely is a practitioner and educator of Thai Yoga Therapy and the owner of Thai Brooklyn. She is a deeply empathetic and intuitive healer with over 20 years of experience and training. By holding safe, sacred space for transformational healing, Sarah uses bodywork, energy healing, spiritual guidance, and wise counsel to craft her sessions. Deeply committed to her own healing journey, Sarah embodies her teachings to the fullest as a guide for others.

This deeply relaxing, pain relieving, and soul retrieving blend of assisted yoga, mindful movement, and Thai bodywork encourages increased range of motion, relief of pain and muscle tension, muscle lengthening and flexibility, and improved lymph and blood circulation.

Sarah will guide you through supportive and healing self massage techniques to help you connect more deeply with yourself, your body, and your innate healing abilities. Touch is the most vital & healing of all of our senses because it is linked to our skin – our largest organ – and our ability to FEEL. You’ll leave this workshop feeling a sense of well being and connection – and like you’ve had a great massage!

Jill & Abby Severino


Newtown Square and Phoenixville, PA

Harvest Happy is the collaboration of Rise Gatherings alumni, Jill and Abby Severino. Harvest Happy embraces the idea that happiness is homemade through creativity, connections, and conversations. Jill is a mixed media artist, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach™, and Rise Gatherings Executive Assistant. Abby is a trained ceramacist who earned her BFA at Tyler School of Art at Temple. She teaches young artists to express themselves through creativity at Art With Abby classes and camps in Montgomery and Delaware Counties, PA. 

At what point did you decide you weren’t an artist? Most of us enjoyed some form of creative play as children and didn’t worry about whether it was “good” or “real” or “appealing” to others. We did what felt right to us in the moment. Mixed media art lends itself to a return to play. In this workshop, you’ll create an art journal and Abby & Jill will guide you through “the layers” … paint, collage, and art pens. Learn the benefits of art journaling and what it feels like to embrace your inner artist. You’ll leave this workshop with an art journal that you created and at least one two-page spread ready to fill with quotes, secrets and dreams.

Gilda Smith


Philadelphia, PA

Gilda uses her skilled bodywork experience to bring balance and integrity to the healing system that is facilitated when we are in alignment. She believes in turning off the cycle of flight or fight to the zen, digest and rest. Massage therapy, yoga and meditation aid in the neurological exchange so vital for our well-being. To compliment the art of her massage, Gilda uses kinesio taping and cupping to achieve longer lasting goals. She also  recommends personalized yoga, dance and self care to maintain the bodywork you will receive.

Gilda’s Deep Healing Massage treatments combine deep tissue modalities, craniosacral and myofascial, yoga therapy and osteopathic positional release therapy, including Neuromuscular therapy and SMRT. She intuitively tailors to the needs of the body and spirit she is working with.

Ilia Stranko


Gainsville, FL

Ilia Stranko is a former Social Worker who left conventional healing behind for spiritual growth & self discovery. After years of studying everything from Reiki to Past Life Regression Therapy she emerged and began teaching others the life changing tools she discovered along the way. She now combines her expertise to help others feel safe while exploring their spiritual path. Ilia offers individual and group coaching experiences via Spiritually Curious™ to equip modern soul seekers with all the spiritual tools & knowledge they need to embrace their journey. 

If you’ve been longing for more practical tools and have a strong desire to go deeper into your personal practice this workshop is for you! We’ll learn the history of smudging, why it’s important to ethically practice, how to smudge properly for yourself and your home, and why it’s an essential piece of any spiritual tool kit. We’ll also learn all about pendulums: how to use one & why they work!

You’ve heard about Chakras & Auras, you “know” what they are, yet, they remain a mystery… how do they work, where are they, why are they important to your physical and emotional health? Curious about why you feel drained around certain people and invigorated around others? Your Energy Field is a dynamic and responsive system of energy centers and the many layers of your Aura. In this workshop you”ll learn everything you need to know about Chakras, your Aura, the layers of Our Energy Field and how they communicate with each other.

Romy Toussaint


Lawrenceville, NJ

Romy is a transformational trainer and coach, motivational speaker, and yoga teacher. She empowers those around her to create a complete practice of consciously leading their lives; to manage their energy and have constant access to their vitality so they can do their work in the world. Romy is a professional speaker and presenter on the benefits of mindfulness, yoga and wellness. She is an expert at customizing and facilitating physical activity breaks and mindfulness sessions at conferences and workshops for all types of groups and organizations.

Feeling overwhelmed? Have a hard time sleeping? Are you worried about your immune system? Do you feel rundown and overworked? Learn about 10 simple daily habits to add to your daily routine so you can stay healthy, build strong immunity, get great sleep and create ease and flow in your life. In this workshop you will learn about the nature of your immune system and your dosha or body type and acquire tools to build a strong terrain in your body and thrive.

Are you dealing with recycled drama and stress? Do you wish you could have more clear and authentic communication? Wishing you could create a more open, creative, and drama-free environment? It only takes one person to create a shift! Join Romy for an introduction to conscious leadership tools to radically support you in your professional and personal life. Learn how to build trust and create a conscious culture, apply new tools for challenging situations, and have fun exploring how your actions, thoughts, and beliefs empower you to  emerge as conscious leader.

Michele Diaz Ware


New Hope, PA

Michele is a trained Pastry Chef and worked in multiple restaurants from NYC to Princeton NJ. As the owner of Little Radish Restaurant in New Hope, PA Michelle is dedicated to bringing back farm fresh healthy foods and works magic with wholesome, delicious gorgeous ingredients.

Let’s sharpen our knife skills and get new ideas for how to prepare delicious wholesome food. In this workshop Michele will guide you in prepping and cooking an entire dinner together imparting empowering tips for using a knife, efficient meal prep, and featuring nature’s bounty on your menu. And of course enjoy eating your creations together!

Teona Washington


Slidell, LA

Teona Washington is an Economist, Entrepreneur, Author, and Mother who speaks and teaches entrepreneurs to redefine their businesses and branding for success, by reshaping their purpose, process, and plan through soul, community and longevity evaluation. Washington is best known from her authentic Cajun Restaurant and her savvy business techniques. She has a background in permaculture, business, real estate, the restaurant industry, multi-use space design, and environmental studies.

We all have our own personal business and entrepreneurial pattern, once we have an understanding of what that is, we can use it to unlock our maximum potential. This leads to manifesting more opportunities that align with our true desires, increased income, additional leadership and community strengths, as well as balance and impact with family.

Julie Wu

RAD Roller Educator

Denver, CO

Julie began her journey in the research field, investigating mechanisms of various forms of Diabetes and Cancer in the lab environment. Seeing health and wellness as a more holistic endeavor, she took a right turn and became a classically trained Five- Element Acupuncturist. She began the practice of yoga during her training and wanting to dive deeper into anatomy and movement, and now teaches myofascial release workshops nationally and internationally as a lead ambassador for RAD rollers, a company that creates high quality myofascial release tools and education.

Use the RAD Muscle Flushing kit to target and release overused areas, enhance range of motion, and massage areas of tension. Lift the load from your shoulders, hips and back leaving you feeling relaxed and lighter.

Get your dose of womanhood wisdom!

Still have questions?

Interested in being a facilitator or practitioner? We would love to speak with you. Please contact us here.