Workshops & Classes

We brought together the most talented facilitators and practitioners to give you empowering experiences throughout your Weekend Getaway! Our array of activities are aimed to support you in taking care of all aspects of yourself as a woman. 

Continue to check back as we add more facilitators to the lineup.

Types of Activities

We have 3 types of activities for you to enjoy over the course of the weekend:


Classes are NEW! and unlimited, with a variety of options, like movement and meditation, with plenty of scheduled opportunities.


Pre-register for 4 workshops, each 1.5 -2 hour immersive experiences to support your overall health and well-being.


Pre-register for individual treatment sessions with one of our gifted practitioners for an additional fee.



Amita Mehta

Amita is a passionate and dynamic business strategist with over two decades of financial services experience. She developed a track record as a trailblazer and a bold and trusted advisor to C-Suite executive management. Her distinct perspectives as a refugee, a lesbian, and a resourceful self-starter intersect with her business acumen, resulting in a relatable and inspirational storyteller who helps individuals discover their passions and embrace their truths personally and professionally.

Unscripted and relevant, Mehta spent her life charting her own distinct path despite overwhelming odds and she is passionate about inspiring others to do the same. Through vulnerability and candor, Mehta shares how she embraces her past as a refugee adapting to a new culture and built credibility in a male-dominated field of financial services. She will challenge and encourage each participant to dig deeper and embrace herself as a whole person, including the aspects that we typically try to hide.

Maria Macsay


Maria is a Mind-Body Eating Educator and a Moving Artist based in NYC. Maria co-leads Yoga Teacher Trainings in  Europe, India, and Bali.. Her work is centered around restoring the connection between the soul/heart, body, and mind to return to alignment, where joy, ease, and true confidence reside. Her background in dance, fitness, yoga, Reiki, and Mind-Body Eating Coaching, are infused in all that she does and teaches.

If you’ve spent countless hours counting calories, yo-yo dieting, binge eating, over-exercising, feeling insecure, shaming your body, scrolling through social media and becoming totally overwhelmed with all the “health” trends floating around, Maria has your back! It’s time (and it is possible) to make a change so that you can reclaim your time, energy, and confidence! Join Maria to find out why HOW we eat is so much more important than WHAT we eat. You’ll leave with a straightforward approach that will connect you to your health, boost your energy and get you living a life you LOVE.

All you have to do is show up, and Maria will guide you as we set off on a journey of explorative movement to bumpin’ music (no rights, no wrongs, just you as you are). Ecstatic dance is a liberating experience of feeling the beauty and joy within and all around you. On Saturday night, we will move our miraculous bodies, we will ride the rhythmic wave that connects us to all of life, to music, and to each other.

Margot Schulman

Margot Schulman is a certified sex, love and relationship coach, certified whole foods chef; certified holistic health counselor and certified shake your soul dance teacher. She deeply loves guiding people to deepen their connection with themselves through tantric practices, somatic meditations and conscious, soulful dance.

Discover simple practices to infuse more passion into every area of your life (including the bedroom!) Participants will learn how to experience more pleasure and turn on throughout their everyday lives as well as during intimate experiences by gently strengthening their connection with their own bodies.

Join Margot for a movement practice that energizes your body, invigorates your spirit and allows joyful and playful connection both within yourself and with your fellow dancers. Feel a delightful expansion of freedom and confidence in your body! No previous dance experience necessary!

Julie Wu

RAD Roller Educator
Julie began her journey in the research field, investigating mechanisms of various forms of Diabetes and Cancer in the lab environment. Seeing health and wellness as a more holistic endeavor, she took a right turn and became a classically trained Five- Element Acupuncturist. She began the practice of yoga during her training and wanting to dive deeper into anatomy and movement, now teaches myofascial release workshops nationally and internationally as a lead ambassador for RAD rollers, a company that creates high quality myofascial release tools and education.
Use the RAD Muscle Flushing kit to target and release overused areas, enhance range of motion, and massage areas of tension. Lift the load from your shoulders, hips and back leaving you feeling relaxed and lighter.

Kori Burkholder


Kori Burkholder is Co-Founder of VitaminR, a well-being and creative innovation company. She’s a professional Career and Creativity Coach, artist and facilitator of Inspirality: Transformation Art Experiences for busy adults. Kori believes that dreams can become a reality with a clear vision and the will to make it happen. She uses creativity based approaches to help you access and actualizate these visions.

Do you often find yourself putting your own dreams onto the back burner? Maybe you’ve been thinking about a career change or planning that dream trip.  But, you haven’t done it. In this workshop you will have  the time and space for yourself to pursue an idea, get over a creative block and solve that ongoing issue that’s been living inside your head. You will be lead on a creative experience where your dream is the star of the day. Paint Your Wildest Dreams blends intention, vision crafting, guided meditation, journaling and coaching to get clear on what you really want and use painting as a tool to start planning and manifesting your dreams into reality. 
(No painting experience required. Created for all levels.)

Nature is our greatest muse, when we pause to see it as such. Discover that the same fundamental pictorial elements of a drawing are abundant in the trees, rocks and flowers. We will use the natural elements combined with imagination to create a piece of artwork organically created out of this rich, and inspiring experience.

Marie Jasmin

 Inspirational Movement Coach

Marie inspires all to be the best they can be within themselves and knows that movement is a quality that truly makes us all shine. Her dedication to promoting wellness through group fitness classes has been ongoing within NYC for the past two decades.  All of her classes are stirred with passion and naturally unleash joy, confidence, strength and creativity! It’s through her own personal gains of listening to her body, battling being overweight and developing an overwhelming sense of self security that created her desire to be an inspirational movement coach to all.  Leave it to Marie to tell you, “Marie loves you because you are here taking care of you!”

Experience a fun-filled total body workout that will have you embrace your own strength and challenge you to extend yourself further. This class has you using your own body weight and optional props for a true full body exercise experience. It is open to all levels for we are all our own masterpieces evolving!

Kimmay Caldwell


Kimmay Caldwell is an expert bra fitter with over 14 years of experience, a self-love coach, and a writer who supports people to say hurray inside, outside, and underneath™. She has shared her expertise and heart globally in over 100 press outlets, including The Martha Stewart Show, The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, and more. Based in NYC, she travels around the world to spread her empowering message of self-love, including sharing unairbrushed images, and heart centered content.

Together we’ll create connection, set intentions, and open our hearts. Using guided meditation and other tools, we’ll take a step to find harmony with the divine masculine and feminine. Explore the theme of Tiny Revolutions: Unfurling the Soul of the World and uncover your values around a specific and rich life area.

Uncover your confidence, stand in your power and learn to love yourself! Join Kimmay for a transformative experience as she guides you in finding peace, ease, vibrancy and even a little sexiness! Explore why women often feel a disconnect between our inner and outer lives and discover tools and guidance for shining your light. Do it all with Kimmay in a fun and playful experience that makes you say “hurray!”

Lauren Gladstone


Lauren is a certified Master Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator and loves to teach people about compassion and eating healthy through lectures, private chef events and food demonstrations. She holds a certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and a certification in Plant Based Cooking from the Rouxbe School of Cooking.

Are you trying to incorporate more plant-based foods in your diet? Do you feel overwhelmed when deciding what to cook or eat? Learn how to make delicious and nutritious meals and snacks including shortcuts and tips to enjoy better energy and mental clarity by fueling your brain and body optimally.

Eileen Ray


Eileen Ray is co-founder, formulator, and creative director of Little Seed Farm, a sustainable farm in Tennessee. Together with her husband and farm team, she creates 100% natural, non-toxic, organic skincare, deodorant, and soaps sold around the world.

Elevate your approach to skin care with practices and techniques infused with self love and mindfulness. Empower through hands-on use of natural products and get inspired by Eileen’s knowledge of how to nurture this part of your daily life.

Bronwen Mayer Henry


It was an unexpected path through Thyroid Cancer that led Bronwen to commit time to painting. Her art is an expression of prayer, meditation, hope and joy that she now shares through her Open Heart Studio workshops. She describes herself as “a person facing her fears with a brush”, and “choosing joy over perfection.”

At this session you’ll participate in an Open Heart workshop and spend time in meditative (silent) painting. We will explore strategies and inspiration to open your heart. Beginners welcome, this is about willingness and curiosity and courage…not experience, not skill. This is a sacred space to be vulnerable and open at the canvas, to be gentle with your heart, to find the freedom you long for.

Katie Belfi


Katie is a dedicated student of the healing arts and the incredible power of yoga, meditation and energy work. Having experienced first-hand the capacity of these healing practices, Katie set out to help others in the same way. Now as certified yoga instructor, meditation teacher, crystal alchemist, and holistic wellness coach, Katie founded Miraculous Malas and Inspired Yogini as vehicles to share these practices with others.

Through a hands-on workshop with Katie, discover the magic of mala beads. Learn about Japa mantra meditation and the ways in which mala beads can enhance your meditation practice, soothe anxiety, and help you connect to your highest self. Design and build your own mala bracelet with healing crystals and walk away with tools that will support and guide you in your mindfulness journey.

Lena Khavinson


Lena found her purpose and calling in helping her clients develop personally and better their lives all around. As a certified relationship coach and Astrologer, Lena empowers people to create strength in their relationships, uncover roadblocks to happiness and find peace in their lives.

Understand the dynamics of feminine and masculine energies and how they each play an integral role in relationships. Learn to bring awareness to and harness both inside yourself and to recognize these aspects in others so you can engage in healthy communication.

Your astrology chart holds specific answers, guidance, and important energies around what you need for compatibility, emotional connection, joy, friendship, and romance. Lena will pull your specific chart and facilitate role playing exercises to enhance your awareness of how you engage in relationships with different signs.

Marcy Clark


Marcy Clark is Co-Founder of VitaminR, a Wellbeing and Creative Expression Consultancy. She’s a seasoned Self-Expression & Public Speaking Coach, a high level PR and Brand Strategy consultant for over a dozen years, and the creator of the ‘Vocal Clearings & Empowered Declarations’ workshop. Her work is grounded in the principles of storytelling, creativity, and “the body as instrument.” Marcy is a trained actress, yogi and bodyworker, certified in Reiki and experienced in meditative healing methodologies.

How we do one thing in life is often how we do everything. Many of us have habitual ways of speaking and using our voices that don’t tap into our full power. This freeing voice experience invites you to clear stuck vocal patterns and learn a radical self-care practice that empowers your voice and honors your emotional life. You will learn techniques for chakra alignment using specific sounds, self-massage, vocal warm ups and playing with receiving and sending sound energy. Walk away invigorated with daily practices to speak with more power, authority and joy.

Envision finding the exact right words and feeling seen and understood in your brand for the first time. With creative visualization, movement, improv and tapping into “the hive mind” you will explore a joyful, relaxing, fun, completely unique approach to branding. In this workshop you will create a touchstone for yourself – clarity about how you are seen in your greatness even before you open your mouth – so you gain confidence to close deals and move away from over-explaining yourself and your worth.

Donna Bostock


Donna Bostock is a music educator, in percussion, bass and ukulele. Donna’s passion for traditional world music genres is infused in the music/rhythms she plays and she is committed to inspiring and empowering adults and children in finding their personal connection to music. Donna has a unique way of bridging the relationship between healing and sound through music.

Awaken the rhythm in your soul through this group percussion experience. Learn traditional world music genres and be guided to share your spirit through sound. The power of the drum facilitates profound connection within yourself and celebrates the harmony when we come together. No experience necessary. Drums and other instruments are provided.

Maeve Doyle and Jessica Mergen


Maeve co-founded Hipnosis in 2003 because she fell in love with the Tribal bellydance style after coming from a background in cabaret. She has studied with many well-known teachers over the years, and danced through three pregnancies. Bellydance has allowed her to embrace her femininity, find fellowship with other dancers and spark her creativity.

Jessica has been involved in the Philadelphia and tri-state area Bellydance community since she first discovered the dance in 2001. Through the years she has been involved in growing the Tribal Bellydance style through the troupe Hipnosis. Jess continues to study with local and world wide teachers and enjoys a particular focus on dancing with a sword. She enjoys the way that Tribal Bellydance brings women together towards a common goal and helps them discover beauty and skills they had only dreamed of.

Tribal style bellydance takes the roots of traditional bellydance fused with other world dances and allows women to dance in unison without choreography. This unique dance style encourages women to move their bodies in ways that they are not used to and gives permission to access the sensuality that is in all women regardless of age, shape or size. Let go of self-consciousness and self-criticism, and enjoy the moment! No dance experience is necessary, and movement limitations can be accommodated.

Decorate your beautiful body with Rise inspired designs or opt for your desired individual artistry. Henna will be offered throughout the weekend and also as scheduled individual sessions.

Erin Taylor

Parent Coach

Erin Taylor is a mom, parent coach, and author of Connection and Kindness: The Key to Changing the World through Parenting. Her podcast, Powerful Parenting for Today’s Kids is enjoyed by parents around the world.

Explore how your own triggers impact your relationships with all your loved ones – partners, children, siblings, parents – and how an enhanced awareness of yourself leads to more loving, meaningful and productive relationships.

Louise Clark

Mindfulness Coach, Parent Coach

Louise is a certified Parent Coach and Mindfulness coach based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She helps parents from all over the world find ways to navigate the challenges and struggles of life in the thick of it and find a way out of it. Louise is the founder of Your Parenting Partner and the host of a popular podcast for busy moms, called Parenting In The Thick Of It. She is also the creator of a family organizer called “The Parenting In The Thick Of It Family Organizer”

Dive into exploring your personal “chaos” and identify the possible root causes of it. Learn what you can do when you find yourself “in the thick of it” using mindfulness, meditation, re-directing thought patterning, and uncovering personal strengths to better navigate the chaos of everyday life.

Immerse yourself in a mindful and meditative experience in nature, wake up your senses and calm your mind.

Nidhi Adhiya- Huba

Spiritual counselor and intuitive

Using hypnosis, yoga kriya’s, sound, crystals and her channeling abilities, Nidhi moves you to a place of wholeness and peace. Joy is the goal and in that state miracles manifest.      

In this workshop, you will gain an introduction and practice on developing your inner guide to create a healing space.

Nidhi will teach physical and mantric practice for intuition and clarity, and work with the elements of Vasthu/Feng Shui and AumHome techniques to clear any space and imbue it with elements of harmony to encourage prosperity and peace.

Alexa Rosenthal

Entrepreneur & Positive Psychology Practitioner

Alexa Rosenthal is a creative entrepreneur, vulnerability junkie, and seeker of all things that make her laugh. Founder of the Be You Be Sure Project, Marketing Director to Costa Rican music and arts experience Envision Festival, business owner to Moby Works Creative, & Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, Alexa doesn’t half-ass things. She’s dedicated to getting real, working hard, and showing up exactly how she is, so others can do the same.

Move, learn & connect as Alexa guides you to explore your edges and inquire what true freedom means. Using powerful tools from Positive Psychology, Dance Therapy, and Writing you are invited on a journey to drop into your self and into what is true. Learn how to get to your truth so you can lead from that place first. This is where Freedom lies.        

Cut through the noise and gain clarity and confidence in this special experience just for young women. Alexa shares wisdom and tools  for getting to know yourself, being you, and being sure. Based on Positive Psychology and Alexa’s cross country road trip to make a documentary interviewing 250 millenials, this workshop supports young women on their journey to their greatest selves.

Julia Plevin

Nature Connection Guide and Author

As the founder of the Forest Bathing Club, Julia has more than a decade of experience guiding individuals and groups of people into the forest, where the practice of shinrin-yoku helps calm the mind and create space for wellness and prosperity. Through studies with Shamanic Reiki masters, Shugendo Buddhist monks, Mayan elders, Bhakti yogis, and Renewal rabbis, she has developed a unique program that both respects and transcends tradition and brings us back into direct connection with Source. She recently published her first book, The Healing Magic of Forest Bathing: Finding Calm, Creativity, and Connection in the Natural World.

Leave your stresses behind as you journey into the forest and reconnect with Nature as well as your true nature. Inspired by the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, forest bathing is a transformative experience that is proven to increase health and restore wellbeing. We will move through simple invitations to slow down, walk in silence, cultivate Universal qi, connect to the elements, and deepen your relationship with Mother Earth. Enjoy a wabi-sabi tea ceremony to sip in the medicine of the forest and integrate the experience. You’ll come away feeling refreshed and equipped with simple daily nature connection rituals to support you on your path.

In this sacred practice, we explore asana as prayer to Nature and flow with the elements and four directions. You will learn simple practices to fuse the divine and the healing energy of the universe into your everyday life. We will close out the session with a shamanic journey into a state of higher consciousness.

Betsy Cast

Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Specialist
Betsy Cast is master of motivation and movement, fitness expert and competitive athlete. She balances the science of movement with the art of innovation to inspire people to live a life they love in a body they love. From her background in dance and competitive sports, to mixed martial arts and holistic fitness, Betsy brings a fresh and unique approach.
Prime your body, mind and heart this sweat-dripping, heart-pumping, mood-lifting cardio class (think dance meets kickboxing meets yoga) that infuses powerful, positive spoken affirmations to take your transformation from purely physical to totally holistic. Move your body, free your mind, amplify your greatness.

Jennifer Merritt

Relaxation Coach
Jen has been an explorer of healing arts for 18 years. She uses EFT to help people shift subconscious patterns. The outcome is that little daily stresses don’t have such an impact. Also a trained and certified hypnotherapist, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic life coach and licensed massage therapist, Jen uses a range of modalities to support her clients with their goals.
We will gather our intentions with a lovely, grounding, and balancing EFT meditation to clear and align the chakras. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is known for shifting stress but it’s also a tool for balancing the two hemispheres of the brain and creating clarity of thought. Meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique individually have many healing benefits. Together they are transformative.
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) calms our central nervous system so that whatever is plaguing our mind and emotions we can hone it, heal it, and transform it. It’s a simple technique tapping on reflex points but applied in the correct way you can experience a profound shift in thoughts, feelings and actions. During your session, Jen will show you the EFT tapping points and guide you on useful ways to get results with this technique. Every session is unique and tailored to what you need in the moment.


Rebecca Szymczak (Cardsy B)


Rebecca Szymczak-aka Cardsy B- is a NYC based fashion industry veteran, tarot reader and creator of the Badass Bitches Tarot deck. Through intuitive readings involving tarot, numerology and astrology she offers insight and healing to clients.

Cardsy B works with guided intuition, the archetypes and symbolism of the tarot combined with astrology and numerology to provide insightful in depth readings. Cardys B will offer 15min, 30min and 60min sessions including past, present, future insight, time frame and tarot constellation/birth chart work.

Curran Latchford BS, MS, LMT


As a bodyworker for 15 years, Curran encourages the body to heal in it’s own way. Being trained in both Western and Eastern Medicine gives her a unique perspective, allowing her to flip between the two and discern what is best for the client. An appointment may include any one or all of the therapies she is trained in.

Curran’s massage treatments will include one or a combination of Shiatsu, Tui Na, Thai, Myofasia Release, and Cranio Sacral that relieve stress on the energetic, emotional and physical systems. These modalities are all eastern based and treat multiple layers of the body, down to the organ level, allowing the body to fully heal and feel the effects long after your session. You are fully dressed and no oils/lotions are used. The massage session will be customized to your current needs and state of your body, and is different for each person.

Qigong is an ancient form of exercise, sometimes called the father of tai chi. It is done mostly in standing position in order to gather energy, reduce blood pressure, and relax the nervous system. The movements are done slowly with purpose and control. In this way, the mind has the opportunity to connect with the fine tissues of the body and the body can reorient itself in space, allowing for a sense of clarity and peace.

Gilda Smith


Gilda uses her skilled bodywork experience to bring balance and integrity to the healing system that is facilitated when we are in alignment. She believes in turning off the cycle of flight or fight to the zen, digest and rest. Massage therapy, yoga and meditation aid in the neurological exchange so vital for our well-being. To compliment the art of her massage, Gilda uses kinesio taping and cupping to achieve a longer lasting result. She also highly recommends yoga, dance and self care to maintain the bodywork you will receive.

Gilda’s Deep Healing Massage treatments combine deep tissue modalities, craniosacral and myofascial, yoga therapy and osteopathic positional release therapy, including Neuromuscular therapy and SMRT. She intuitively tailors to the needs of the body and spirit she is working with.

Dannah Chaifetz


Dannah lives in Woodstock NY and is the Staff Intuitive at some of the most prestigious spiritual centers in the United States: The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY, The Menla Mountain Retreat Center (owned by Tibet House, USA, the Dalai Lama’s organization), in Phoenicia, NY, and at Woodstock Healing Arts. She has a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, and extensive training including Advanced Mediumship with both Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell & one-on-one training with Erin Pavlina as a Professional Intuitive. She also trained and is certified with Brian Weiss in Past Life Regression Techniques.

Dannah uses photos and personal connection to receive information for and about you. Information may be about you, your partners, children, emotional issues, talents, & life challenges. Dannah is extremely accurate and the messages she shares give clarity and guidance on how to heal, deal and move forward in your life and relationships with more joy and satisfaction. Please bring photos on your phone of anyone you wish to discuss and receive guidance on.

Spirit guides are archetypal/symbolic teachers that guide you on your path. Dannah will lead a meditation where you can have access to and meet your spirit guides and have an opportunity to ask them for guidance and information. Journaling, discussion, and opportunities to ask Dannah questions provide unique insights into yourself and will create an opening into the amazing spirit realm.

Megan Conover


Megan Conover, Licensed Acupuncturist, is located in Wayne, PA at Healing Place Acupuncture. She incorporates functional nutrition and coaching with her treatments to gain optimal results with her patients. Megan specializes in women’s health, pain conditions, and cosmetic acupuncture. Megan can also be found to incorporate crystals, card readings, and guided meditations in treatments for those who are looking for a more esoteric experience.

Megan offers an array of acupuncture treatments: 75 min Cosmetic Acupuncture, 60 min Women’s Health Acupuncture and 60 min Small Group Acupuncture.
Acupuncture is recognized to be effective in treating a wide variety of health issues; pain and inflammation relief, organ function support, energy restoration, improving mobility, calming the mind and promoting the body’s natural healing process and overall well-being.

Deb Ross


Deb Ross is a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist for 15 years practicing Chinese Medicine in NYC and Westchester. She holds a master’s degree from Touro College in Traditional Chinese Medicine, focusing on acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Tui Na. What inspires her the most about Chinese Medicine is its ability to see each person as a unique individual. It acknowledges all of our experiences such as past and/or chronic health issues, childhood illnesses, stress, eating habits, physical injuries and other lifestyle choices as major influencers in our current state of health, allowing us to create a treatment plan that works specifically for each person.

Spend some time understanding yourself from a Chinese Medicine perspective, where your body, mind, spiritual soul are viewed as one. Discover if you have imbalances and how to recalibrate yourself with acupuncture, as well as lifestyle & dietary advice to keep yourself integrated after your session. After our acupuncture session, Deb will do some Qi healing, energy & chakra alignment — leaving with you some insightful information about your chakras & offer you words of inspiration, a crystal and a mantra to keep you inspired and focused.

Get your dose of womanhood wisdom!

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