Forest Bathing Mini Retreats

New Hope, PA

Forest Bathing is a practice of connecting with nature to boost your immunity, destress and enjoy the wonders of the forest. 

No distractions, no demands, just time to reflect and renew.

Forest Bathing Mini Retreats

New Hope, PA

Rise Gatherings creates a safe environment for individuals and groups to reconnect with nature, themselves and others.  No prior experience necessary.


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Rise Gatherings forest bathing.

Rise Gatherings will create a forest bathing experience for your group, in person or on-line!

Let Rise Gatherings create a custom forest bathing experience for your group or organization – celebrate a milestone or birthday, build team camraderie or share a unique bonding group experience. Forest bathing is for everyone!

Virtual and in-person forest bathing workshops are educational and experiential.

  • Learn the science behind the benefits of time in nature
  • Experience do-able practices for wellness that you can integrate into your life
  • Enjoy a safe and effective way to reconnect with yourself, a group and nature.
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Every Rise Gathering contains a thoughtful combination of offerings brought to you by expert facilitators.

Team Retreats

Rise works with your organization or business to create content specifically tailored for your group and your vision.

Team retreats encourage togetherness through an experience away from the usual staff setting and activities, to refresh individuals as well as unify the team and deepen commitment to your mission.

Rise also provides virtual experiences via powerful zoom workshops to support your team’s productivity, connection and well being.

group of women at rise day retreat

How about a weekend?

Give yourself a whole weekend to relax, rejoice and return to your life renewed.