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Albrecht Events Team Retreat with Rise Gatherings

Thanks to the care of Rise Gatherings, the Albrecht Events team took a break from our hectic daily planning routine to reset, share, and connect. Under the leadership of Rise’s co-founders, Tami Astorino and Rachel Rubin, and with the lens of “Dream Big and Grow Together,” AE staff embarked on a day-long team retreat that included opportunities for introspective personal discovery while tapping into the group’s creative energy through a facilitated brainstorming session. The Albrecht Events team experienced a team bonding day filled with meaningful conversations and team activities at Rise’s New Hope headquarters that furthered us on our personal and shared paths.

Rise Gatherings provides nurturing and bonding experiences that allow participants to retreat from the everyday while immersed in nature and team building activities that empower their lives and positively impact their well-being. “Rise is about power and pleasure. It’s about how you can bring more enjoyment into your life and how you can become more empowered to pursue and embrace who you are and what you desire,” says Rachel.

According to Inc. Magazine, “Retreats help teams push pause on the stress of completing daily tasks so they can step out of the details and think big-picture for the future.” Additionally, offsite retreats not only show employees they are valued by their company, they promote closeness and foster positive relationships between team members. In the end, providing an opportunity for staff to connect is good for business; a recent MIT study published in the Harvard Business Journal reported that socialization outside of the office boosts employee efficiency.

Rise Gathering’s provides a fresh approach to team building by uniting a group through celebrating and empowering each individual participant. The Albrecht Events team experienced this empowering day first hand and benefitted from Rise Gathering’s personalized well planned event schedule. We can attest to the work of the Rise Gathering’s leaders and would love to encourage others to share a day a day like this with their team.

For more information on Rise Gathering’s and how to book a retreat for your staff, please contact