Together We Rise.

found of Rise Gatherings women's community

Rise Gatherings is a women’s community we are creating in partnership with so many–a fertile ground for women to come and explore, connect more deeply with themselves and each other, and in doing so, not only strengthen their own light, but shine it brighter in their homes, communities, and workplaces. Now is the time to rise.

Rachel and Tami


"Rise is about power and pleasure. It's about how you can bring more enjoyment into your life and how you can become more empowered to pursue and embrace who you are and what you desire."


Rise Gatherings Began With an Instant Connection

Some of the best ideas lie dormant within us—messy fragments of brilliant concepts that clank and bang around unformed in our subconscious—until we meet that person who truly gets it. She helps put words to our vision. She shapes and forms the pieces. She stokes the embers of our thoughts until they become a roaring fire.

For 33-year-old fitness entrepreneur Rachel Rubin, that person was 47-year-old Tami Astorino, M.Ed., an organizational specialist who had a similar vision and had the skill set to help her execute it.

The concept sounded simple enough—Rubin and Astorino wanted to create a movement in which women garnered strength and courage from each other, from nature, and from within. So often they saw women—including themselves—being flattened by the weight of societal expectations and pressures, by the be-all-things-to-all people mentality to which so many of us subscribe. They dreamed of bringing women out into nature, away from their daily routines, for a day or 2, to give them a chance to move their bodies, stand side by side with other women from diverse backgrounds, and to quiet the noise around them so they could hear the voice inside.

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Meet our team

Dedicated to creating an experience of connection and discovering what makes you rise. 

rise gatherings CO-CREATOR​

Rachel Rubin


Rachel inspires women to strengthen connections within themselves and with others through her leadership in Rise Gatherings. Her favorite modalities to lead are movement/mind-body classes and self-reflection workshops. 

rise women's community CO-CREATOR​

Tami Astorino


Tami brings people together for meaningful shared experiences to empower themselves and each other. She combines the skills and passions she’s gained as a School Counselor, Education Specialist, Retreat Leader, Yoga Instructor, and Non-profit Consultant to co-create Rise Gatherings!

Jill Severino headshot.

Jill Severino

Executive Assistant

Jill is a middle school special education teacher, wife, mom, and co-creator of Harvest Happy, her passion project she co-owns with her daughter. A Rise Gatherings alumnus, Jill keeps things running behind the scenes.

tink rise team

Tink Fisher


Tink’s passion for keeping things organized is an integral part of Rise’s success! Tink is a high school special education teacher, a professional organizer with Clean House, mom, and wife (to Co-Founder Rachel Rubin!).

Diana H Rise Team

Diana Hochman

Impact Director

Diana nurtures Rise Gathering’s partnership with Days for Girls; an organization that empowers girls and women with access to menstrual care and education. She currently works with immigrant children and is passionate about traveling, spending time with her nephews, volunteering, hiking, and photography.

Rachel Holdgrafer


Rachel is a website designer who geeks out about wow-ing website visitors with an exceptional user experience. When not wearing her marketing hat, she loves to create mixed media art, teach yoga, watch the WNBA Champion Minnesota Lynx, and take her dogs on long walks.

Amanda Evans


Amanda utilizes her passion for content creation to empower and inspire women through the art of digital storytelling. When she isn’t working, she’s getting back to nature through hiking, camping or spending time in her garden.

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