About rise gatherings

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Our Story

Live with Purpose in the New Year




Join Rachel Rubin and Tami Astorino, creators of Rise Gatherings, for a retreat day experience that will fill you up with fuel to renew and recharge your mind, body and soul. Give yourself this opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself and other women committing to a life filled with empowered joy.

Set on a beautiful private 20 acre estate home property in New Hope, PA, Day of Renewal is yours to :

Unite with like minded women to ignite real conversation and create supportive connections
Disconnect from your phone for a day free of distraction and full of inward focus
Energize and inspire your mind and body with Rachel’s signature Kettlebell Kundalini workout
Learn about powering up your plate and empowering yourself with knowledge from Tami
Nourish yourself with a delicious lunch and high vibe chat with Caroline Ginolfi, our resident Rise facilitator
Connect with nature on a meditative trail hike
Restore your mind and body with afternoon yoga and meditation
Discover aspects of yourself that are strong, centered and motivated to live healthier
Enjoy lots of free goodies from Rise Gatherings wellness sponsors
Open to new ways of caring for yourself and leave with inspiration and motivation to take back into your life

Space is limited to 15 registrants and past retreats have sold out so snag your spot now!


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