How I came to “RISE”. Hint: It has to do with Angels

I want to admit something. And its not easy to admit, being that I’m a Professional Intuitive & Psychic Medium. And also considering that I receive messages all the time from my Spirit Guides and from client’s loved ones who have passed on. But for a long time, I just didn’t really believe in…well… Angels. All those Angels that some people, especially in the spiritual community, would talk about and pray to. The archangels, Micheal and Raphael. Uriel and Gabriel. It just… didn’t feel real to me. And it felt tied up with religion. To me, that whole Angel realm seemed to be “made up” by humans.Read more

Trail’s End – Rise’s 2018 Destination

Rise Gathering’s annual weekend 2018 is set on the beautiful 450-acre lake-front property of Trail’s End in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Glamp in style in rustic cottages, set between trees and steps to the lake. A camp setting fun with no tents or bunk beds.

Lakeside serenity in quaint cabins in the Poconos Mountains – now that’s a no brainer!

We’re so excited about the facilities and accommodations, check-out Trail’s End for yourself…

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Feed Your Divine – Sides and Snack Recipes from Caroline

Untangle the overcomplicated world of food and nutrition. Learn how to mindfully and sustainably nourish the body through an abundant and wholesome plant based diet. From the science to the spiritually, Caroline shares knowledge and wisdom, as well as personal stories to inspire you to feed your unique and divine body and spirit at our weekend retreat. Here Caroline gives you a sneak peak by sharing some sides and snack recipes…

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Natural Awakenings Reports… After #MeToo: A Weekend of Inspiration and Empowerment

Original article in Natural Awakenings

Before knowing the call to action women would feel from the #MeToo movement, two entrepreneurial women created Rise Gatherings Weekend. Recent events have made their weekend getaway more relevant than ever. More than 200 women are expected to gather at Trail’s End Camp in the Poconos from May 18 to 20. The goal is to “raise women’s voices and spirits” through a transformational weekend getaway, says co-founder Tami Astorino.

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