Natural Awakenings Reports… After #MeToo: A Weekend of Inspiration and Empowerment

Original article in Natural Awakenings

Before knowing the call to action women would feel from the #MeToo movement, two entrepreneurial women created Rise Gatherings Weekend. Recent events have made their weekend getaway more relevant than ever. More than 200 women are expected to gather at Trail’s End Camp in the Poconos from May 18 to 20. The goal is to “raise women’s voices and spirits” through a transformational weekend getaway, says co-founder Tami Astorino.

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Be Well Philly Reports…This Dreamy Poconos Summer Camp for Adults is Back — With Some Serious Upgrades

by Caroline Cunningham, Be Well Philly

Last year, when we shared that Rise Gatherings would be hosting a women-only summer camp (okay, “spring” camp) in the Poconos for a weekend of wellness, we were all, understandably, very stoked. I mean, reliving your childhood camp experiences while celebrating women empowerment and working on your physical and mental wellbeing? Sign. Us. Up.

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Tend and Befriend: The Science Behind Sisterhood

Written by: Tami Astorino, co-creator of Rise Gatherings

You are probably familiar with the “flight or fight” stress response. The idea that we have a primitive instinct to run or ramp up for a duel when faced with stress. The stress response causes the body to secrete stress hormones (adrenaline, cortisol, norepinephrine and others) into the bloodstream so that our bodies are more able to deal with a threat – by either fighting with or fleeing from it. While this response undoubtedly served our ancestors when they ran into a tiger, it only sometimes is necessary in our contemporary lives. Unfortunately this surge in hormones can actually accumulate in the body, creating disease and unnecessary physical as well as emotional tension.

I was intrigued to recently discover there is a third response to stress. Newer research on women reveals a third stress response that operates very differently than the desire to fight or run and affirms my belief in connection as a modality for health and well-being.

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